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  1. So now he has been drawn into the first team squad . Well, give him a -95 then. It's a lot harder to get anywhere near Man Uniteds first team then most other teams, including FC Barcelona. This is especially true currently with the huge (too big) squad depth. I'd say Shoretire is more impressive then Greenwood at this age. Greenwood was nowhere near the first team squad aged 16, with a weaker squad mind you. Greenwoods PA was also too low in FM19, so why making a mistake twice? I'd also say (from watching both), that there shouldn't be any discussion, that Shoretires technique (first touch, ball control) is quite a bit better, arguably better then Greenwoods current technique. Of course things can still go wrong. But looking at other -95s from recent (or not so recent) years like Ocampos or Mastour, they can always go wrong, no matter how great the talent might be. And the u23 team bubble explanation is also nullified now, at the very latest with his move up to the first team squad.
  2. There was a filter in the in-game editor in scouting, where you could filter all and only newgens. This filter was the sole reason for me to purchase the in-game editor period. This filter is very very important for me, since i use it to automate giving the newgens "real faces". This is the only way i have fun playing a long-time save. In the latest upate this filter was deleted from the in-game editor. Why was this filter deleted? It was the single most important function of the in-game editor for me. I really hope you will bring it back? Why would you take away such an important feature without an alternative?
  3. I already mentioned him being underrepresented in the beta-forum, but i feel this has to be mentioned again: Shola Shoretire of Manchester United. He is in the U23 squad, not in the U18. He is easily one of the best players there already and a definitive starter. In my save, if i force him into the U23, the staff constantly advises me to put him back to the U18 and never gives him even a minute to play. I feel this should be fixed and his CA should be altered accordingly, to get him into the starting 11 of the U23s. I also feel his PA with -8.5 is really too low. Should be 9.5 or 10, he surely is one of the 5 most talented 16-year olds currently. Probably also the second most popular / noteworthy after Moukoko.
  4. There is a fix (mod) for all data-related stuff in Italy, i am sure you'll find it when you search the internet
  5. Here is enough evidence to rethink the rating of pretty much everyone of the best freekick takers on the planet: https://soccerment.com/bend-like-beckham-top-free-kick-takers-europe/ This article is from last april and even then Ward-Prowse was amongst the best direct freekick takers (for example better then Messi who has 19 in FM). Since then Ward-Prowse has even massively upped his conversion rate. If you factor in the higher level of goalkeeping in the Prem compared to other leagues like La Liga or Serie A, this should be regarded even higher. This article (written before his last free-kick goal against United) mentions him as the most prolific free-kick taker in the Prem ever, with the the slender age of just 26. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/nov/05/james-ward-prowse-free-kick-technique-england-southampton#:~:text=Matt Le Tissier had held,the statistic in 2003-04. "Ward-Prowse had created a little piece of history. Matt Le Tissier had held the club record for the number of free-kick goals scored in the Premier League era with seven. Now Ward-Prowse had eight. They have come from 64 attempts, giving him a conversion rate of 12.5% – the highest since Opta began keeping the statistic in 2003-04." Now he has 9! More then enough to warrant a 20 in free kick taking.
  6. Jonathan Bamba from Lille is really not good enough. Crossing 12 should be altered to 15: It's one of his unique strengths according to whoscored, while vision is also very good compared to other attackers according to soccerment analytics. Heading 5 should be altered to 10: He is not a good header, but also far away from really bad ones (like Ousmane Dembele for example) Long shots 11 should be altered to 15: he had a few screamers recently and it's also one of his unique strengths according to whoscred Passing 11 should be altered to 14: again one of his strengths in real life, and definitely better then for example Ousmane Dembele (who has 12 in game), backed up by soccerment analytics Vision 10 should be altered to 13: one of his better traits, and better then Dembele (who has 13 himself in game), backed up by soccerment analytics Well, maybe Dembele is a bit too good in game, but even without the comparison Bamba is definitely lacking in a few aspects. Sources: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/241019/Show/Jonathan-Bamba https://analytics.soccerment.com/en/stats/jonathan-bamba-1996-03-26/ousmane-dembele-1997-05-15?season=all
  7. I think Barca and Real are way too good overall, but that has mostly been the case in recent years and is just even more evident this year. I could pick 10 players now, but i'd like to start with a simple stat that is easily proven: Messi's freekick stats are way too high (19). I would not give more then 15. Yes, he got quite a few direct freekick goals, but that's only because he fired tons of them. Ward-Prowse for example (who btw has a 15 in game) has a lot better conversion rate then Messi. Even Griezmann and Coutinho are both better freekick takers. I guess you would have to work something into the game like "Messi always shoots the freekicks" to not have the game pick Griezmann or Coutinho over him. Also quite a few mental stats of Messi are too high, but that's a lot harder to prove. In addition something is odd with Valencia in my save: In Game: After 17 games they are second in the table -> ok, while this might not be impossible, it's still odd. Might be a "fluke" season however, so i don't want to judge. Where it gets strange is how they handle their best players and how the best players feel at the club. I made approaches regarding their best players (Gaya, Soler, Guedes, Maxi Gomez) and all of them had the same answer: They do not want to leave the club. It was not a case of the players not finding my team not interesting, but they just didn't want to leave in any case. In addition, when i approached Valencia to make an offer, the club played hardball and said, they are not for sale - not for any price. Real life: I find that odd to say the least, when looking at how the club gifted away all their best players in the summer for peanuts (Parejo, Coquelin, Ferran Torres, Rodrigo) and the recent "gift" of Kondogbia to Atletico shows, it doesn't seem to stop there. All the players are really angry with Valencia and how Lim is demolishing the project. At the same time Lim tries to sell the best players as fast as possible for cheap prices and doesn't even start to really negotiate. It is fully expected that their downfall keeps on like this. In game, it seems this recent development is not factored in at all, they are still treated like a top team in every manner.
  8. Ward-Prowse should have at least a 19 in free-kicks, if not a 20. Even in summer he was one of the best freekick takers on the planet, with his freekick goals this season he has the best direct freekick conversion rate of all footballers in major leagues on the planet.
  9. Semedo also has a better acceleration in FM (better by 2 or 3 points if i remember right). Thing is, the difference should not be negligible at all, but Justin should be quite a bit quicker, at least by 2 points in both acceleration and topspeed. Semedo was rapid at Benfica and Barcelona, probably the fastest player at Barcelona. I don't know if there was a dip in top speed, i wouldn't know why at his age. So the point still stands - Justin is quite a bit quicker then the "rapid" Semedo. Justin was galloping past players in the last two or 3 games, the problem is, he is not as fast with the ball as without. His not-very-good control of the ball / dribbling skill probably makes him look slower as he really is. I think Semedo should have one less in top speed and acceleration, while Justin should have 2 more in speed and 3 more in acceleration. Even the pundits at MOTD praised his pace against Wolves. Was the fastest player on the pitch bar Adama. I just checked Wolves and also found a few talking points in general: I think Pedro Neto and Daniel Podence are not good enough, at least compared to Adama Traore. I know the stars don't tell too much about the overall ability, but it still gives an indication. Both only have 2,5 stars CA and Adama has 3,5. Yet, Podence and Neto are the regular starters, while Adama is only a sub. And with good reason. In the following i will just have a look at Pedro Neto and the direct comparison to Adama: Finishing: Currently: Neto 12; Adama: 10; Suggested: Neto: 14; Adama: 8-9; Neto is quite a good finisher, it's actually a strength of him, while it's probably one of the biggest weaknesses of Adama. My TV sightings, backed by whoscored data (links see below). Crossing: Currently: Neto 13; Adama: 12; Suggested: Neto: 15; Adama 12-13; Neto had a few real bonkers crosses this season already, i think he is one of the best crossers in the PL. Also a "strength" in Whoscored, alongside his strongest ability "key passes". Adama has also been quite good in crossing the last year or so (finally). Long shots: Currently: Neto 11; Adama: 11; Suggested: Neto: 13-14; also one of his strong traits, had already a few "rockets" saved this year from long distance, also a whoscored "strength" Flair: Currently: Neto: 16; Adama: 18; Suggested: Neto 17; Adama: 15; can't quantify, but i think Neto on the ball just looks more delicate and harder to predict for defenders then Adama, who beats them with his raw pace. Most mental abilities: both are not really good, which is quite realistic imo. Acceleration/Speed: Neto seems about right with 15/16, but 20/20 is too much for Adama. The crazy thing regarding Adama is his speed and pace combined with his strength, which is quite unique in world football, but not his isolated raw pace. I would give 18/19. Agility: Currently: Neto 13; Adama 15; Suggested: Neto: 14; Adama: 15; Neto is a real agile dribbler, i wouldn't say he is far off Adama, if at all Strength: Currently: Neto 7; Adama: 17; Suggested: Neto: 11-12; Adama: 17; 7, alongside 11 balance, would indicate he is a blade of grass that can be pushed away from the ball quite easy. This is not at all the case, he is quite hard to push of the ball, especially for his young age and can also hold onto the ball quite well. (again, backed by whoscored data). Neto: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/337916/Show/Pedro-Neto Adama: https://www.whoscored.com/Players/140088/Show/Adama-Traoré Implementing these changes would probably make both equally effective, which more or less resembles reality. Same goes for Daniel Podence, just didn't have the time now to go into detail with him unfortunately.
  10. I'd say the reason why he doesn't score often is more his positioning and less bad finishing. He just doesn't get into a finishing position very often. At least the last half year or so he has been very clinical if in front of goal.
  11. I think Morata's finishing has always been his main weakness ever since he became a professional footballer and the main reason, why he didn't cut it at Chelsea and not really at Atletico. Raising it up based on 9 matches would probably be a bit too optimistic. I think if he keeps his goal scoring form until winter and it's not only good short-time form, in the winter update it should definitely be upped. Agree on Chiesa, he seems to be the best winger at Juventus right now.
  12. Thank you, that sounds reasonable. I think they shouldn't be a relegation candidate in FM21, because they definitely have not one of the worst 3 or 4 squads in the Bundesliga. Their current real life form has more/other reasons then just player ability. Toning them down to a midfield / lower midfield side in terms of player ability definitely sounds about right.
  13. Fully agree, i have seen most Lille games and think he is their best player this season. In my saves he has been sold, because of not getting enough playing time at Lille. There is a huge gap between reality and FM currently.
  14. Fully agree. I started a save with Schalke and those where 2 (well 1.5) of the 3 issues i had with the ratings. Bentaleb's CA is quite high, but he still did quite bad in my save which led me dropping him on the bench mostly - pretty realistic. He also is a good player in real life if he hits it right, i think it's his mentality and psychology which is the problem. At least in my save this was the case as well. Malik Thiaw: Fully agree, he didn't even get into the starting 11 of my second team. Needs a huge buff. Third one i would add is Schöpf. Once again (has also been the case in recent FMs) he is the "best" Schalke player in FM21 and i don't understand why. He has never been a consistent starter, let alone a star player of the team (1427 league minutes last season, 1003 the year before). His stats are negligible (1 goal, 2 assists in the last two league seasons combined). His other stats are also not special. And yet he is judged to be Schalkes best player, has the best stats and performances and draws interest by much better teams like Everton and alike. Don't know which values are the problem, i just feel his stats are overall much too high. Schalke squad is definitely too strong overall, if you start a season the management board expects you to reach international places which is quite delusional compared to real life.
  15. Definitely agree on "raw" and limited mental attributes. But i think in real life his technique is quite good for a defender, especially in dribbling and long balls / crosses. Good to hear the "test" on Grealish, hope that is happening in AI controlled teams as well. Good to hear, thank you. Where can i check this "random PA" in FM21?
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