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  1. hi there, since the update the game is much much better! selling players is not a challenge anymore! so thanks for that!! The free agent issue is still there though. Free agents (no matter how good or bad they are) stay free and end up retiring. Surely a player available on a free transfer would be snapped up pretty quickly.
  2. yep i had this too. I transfer listed a player and told him that he is no longer needed but when a bid eventually comes in the player rejects.
  3. oh nice. thanks for the feedback. the selling players is a big one.....i offered phil jones to clubs for 1mil to see if a bid comes in and still nothing. I do think this is a bug.
  4. there is definitely an issue with free agent players not being signed. some decent players available for free havent been signed at all and end up retiring early.
  5. oh also, why does all non-domestic players need a work permit ? i tried to sign a random french GK in an emergency and i couldnt get a work permit for him
  6. I am managing man utd and i have faced a few issues - it is very hard to sell players. (eg, i am trying to sell phil jones and andreas pereira and no matter what price i put them on, no one makes a bid) - Free agent players do not get snapped up as quickly as they should (eg, rolando aarons and a few others are free agents and they retire because no one comes in for them) i am a massive fan of this game and want to see it be the best game it can be.
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