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  1. Yes! get in! I like the darker purple. Hopefully thats the same on the UI. Cannot wait to hear about features.
  2. Yes it was the AP I was referring to. My midfield was too passive in attack but wingers on attack would seemly run into a cul-de-sac and lose it.
  3. Just logged in to say thanks for this golden nugget of a tip. My strikers have a late arriving option of a pass and I score more now.
  4. Good question. I'm curious about this as well as I'm only just experimenting with this. Generally, I still leave it to the AssMan but make the occasional change prior to upcoming games. I do think the standard sessions are a little too generic and, whilst it stops overall stat drop, it doesn't target those important attributes at those low levels. not a dig; just room for marginal gains. The other problem I have at that level is it takes an age to get team cohesion up to even a moderate level. Poor players playing poorly together: Nightmare fuel. I've not planned this out exten
  5. @Rashidi any thought what type of playthrough you're going for this year? That Gloucester City playthrough was great to watch.
  6. Why people go and bother Miles on twitter and aren't in here speculating beta release posting memes is beyond me.
  7. I'm sure in previous years when we've got to within 2 weeks of release, Miles (or others) have explicitly told us "not today".
  8. Looks like there was a flurry of changes made late yesterday. I hope the crunch isn't too harsh. Much love to all the SI peeps hard at it. https://steamdb.info/app/1100600/history/
  9. As if we don't check everything before clicking the first continue.
  10. Correctamundo. Welcome to the thread. I'll see you all bright and early for more speculation and shenanigans.
  11. No changes could mean final version before beta release. It could also mean nothing.
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