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  1. Giantplaything

    [FM17] Yer oot yer face if yer think Shetland plays fitba!

    Logged in for a rare comment and I have to say, your persistence is impressive. I would have tapped out after so long in the same division. KUTGW. edit: forgot to save stop being suck a massive cock tease and give us an update. 😜
  2. Just caught up with this whole escapade. My word you've made excellent progress. Keep up the good work.
  3. Incredible thread. Really great analysis and easy to follow for a pleb like myself.
  4. Cracking thread and a great read. Keep up the great stuff.
  5. Amazing stuff. There's some great threads appearing on here lately. I'm sure this and Rashidi's basics guides are clearly bound for future sticky'd threads that loads of us can reference to and learn from. KUTGW fellas.
  6. Barnet's match screen setup is good. I'd add to that by having the widget with your teams body language just so you can see confidence, complacency, etc. You've got speed up front so direct football is probably the way forward. I wouldn't necessarily drop deeper and play counter attacking as your positioning and speed attributes are quite high for the league and you don't want to be hoofing balls out of your 6 yard box if you can help it. That new DM is a fairly solid all-rounder. I wouldn't limit him to an Anchorman role as he's decent with the ball at his feet. Try the DM role out first and see how you get on. Playing a TM up top will limit the movement of the player. I'd try Enver-Marum as a DLF as his strength and speed will allow him to receive the ball, play in other players around him then make runs into the box. This is how I'm currently set up. I wouldn't straight copy this as you have very different players to me but I'll go through the roles and try and explain my thought process to try and give you ideas. I've got a solid DL and a AML that like cutting inside - the wing back role allows for him to get beyond the inside forward and get crosses in. the DM sometimes plays as an Anchorman depending on the opposition strength and numbers in attack. The 2 MCs have the freedom to move and build play. the AP-S is set to get forward more. I want him to move towards the AMC position but not get beyond the striker as it would leave a hole in the middle plus he's a creator; not a scorer. The W-A is where most of my attacks come from (this is natural and not from specific team instructions) as he often receives the ball from the AP or DLF. If you're struggling to build a formation, try and picture how you want your team to play and attack. Start with minimal instructions and then try and mould into what you want to see. Just as an exercise, try taking your strongest 11 players as your assman sees and putting them in their natural positions and highest rated roles. What you will come up with will probably need adjusting in some way as will be unbalanced. It's this balance between what you have and what you're aiming for that's quite a hard part to master. Hopefully this makes sense. :confused:
  7. Just looking through the players. Just a quick note, the 2 DR player link to the same player and the first MC on the list links to your backup ML. Can you also post a screenie of the Team Comparison? If you haven't checked it out yet, its a very useful tool to see how your team compares to the rest of the league just in case you're not sure what makes a good player for the level and how to shape your tactic with instructions. You seem to be quite lacking in midfield. If you are looking at using a 4-1-2-2-1 then you're going to need a player for the DM role so get scouting for that position. Also, a TM is quite static so you might want to consider a DLF role if you're playing with a lone forward.
  8. Giantplaything

    Question about tempo

    Hi Zeon, I can see a few have dipped in but nobody has said anything yet so I'll give this a crack. It entirely depends on the type of football you want to play. I would say that mentality affects the tempo of a team before you select a higher/lower TI. Are you looking for specific tips or just sparking a discussion? Personally at the moment I'm managing down in the Conference North and playing a higher tempo can cause mistakes as the team's mental stats aren't up for it. Slow measured build-up play is where I'm at.
  9. Giantplaything

    Any FM superstitions?

    I write my team out on paper on a pad I've had since secondary school (I'm 30!) and I have a lucky pen. I don't know why I need to use the same notepad or pen but it just seems proper. God knows what I will do when they run out of space/ink... And seriously guys, if there was a screen where you can link players to a position that would be great. The team report doesn't really cut it as 1 player can appear all over the place.
  10. You seem to be attacking a lot down 1 side. Is that due to the players you have or is it simply a tactical choice? I'd be tempted to swap the Inside Forward to the other side to balance the team. As for the striker, the other folks are right about the target man being too static. Deep lying forward or complete forward support are good roles for lone strikers. For me I'd also have the supporting centre midfielder set as a deep lying playmaker and switch the other to CM-A so he gets forward more into the AMC area. That might give the striker the freedom to get into the box after starting moves off.
  11. This is an amazing thread. Well written and funny to boot. I love the anecdotal take on each game and how you tackled them. All I can rely on my assman now for is his team reports! KUTGW mate. I will be making changes to my approach.
  12. Thanks for the info. You may find that with both hassle opponents and get stuck in combined may pull players out of their defensive positions and leave you vulnerable at the back. If you're wanting to close down space then try swapping Hassle opp. with push higher up. That way there's less room between defence and midfield but players aren't running out of position too far to press. Also as a side note, I'm surprised you don't have look for the overlap selected with defensive wingers and attacking fullbacks. I hope this is helpful to you. I'm sure others could add more to this.
  13. Welcome to FM! I'm glad to see your enjoying it so far. Have you got any team instructions set? Also, what area of the pitch are the opposition goals coming from?
  14. I'd say your fatigue is a lot down to how hard you are trying to win the ball back plus the higher tempo but if your players have the stats for it then that's fine. I think for possession you were right in your opening post about player roles and combinations. Although you have it set to fluid, you are fairly rigid in terms of defenders set to defend, midfielders set to support. If either of your wingers are good at finishing you could try changing their role to inside forward or instruct them to cut inside. On the same side of the field try setting your fullback to FB-A or instruct to get further forward, thus allowing the overlap. I think to get really good possession (I.E. not just keeping the ball but also making chances) is to give your players options and outlets. Llama3's brilliant thread about combinations to create player movement between the stratas. Have you had a look at the team comparison with the rest of the league? How do you match up?
  15. Hi Jim, Glad you've dropped by the tactics forum. Couple of quick questions... Do you have more than 1 tactics ready or play with 1 main setup for all games with tweeks? Where do you think you are struggling? (possession/creativity/finishing/defensive strength) - a big question but trying to get a rough idea.