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  1. Not sure this is correct, but do believe you will just have less registrations spots for the total of 25 players. So lets say you only have 1 home trained, and need to have 4, you will only be able to register a total of 22 players in stead of 25, because 3 will be subtracted with 25. I hope the above makes sense.
  2. I may or may not have an issue as you can see on the two pictures I have a player who has lost faith in the manager (me). However on picture 2 you can see when talking to him, I can below opinion about me read: that he has not decided yet. This would seem like an error to me.
  3. Playing as Brondby, all the Derby games versus Copenhagen is played with away shirts instead of the classical Yellow and blue versus White or said in another way the shirts selected is never the home shirts even though these matches are always played with each teams home shirt.
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