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  1. Not had either but I'd go with Adler Buying/Selling: buying Player Name: Bife (regen) Your Team: Atalanta Buyer/Seller: cruzeiro Player's Value: £3.4m Offer: 31.5m 48 months Transfer/Wage Budget: £18.2m/£115k Season: 2015 (4th) Our finances are good. We won the league last year and we're joint top with 10 games to go this year, but I'm trying to push on in the CL.
  2. WTF I'm playing Rangers 3 times away in the league and only once at home not happy, bad news for the finances which are already bugged like hell. Did anyone else get this?
  3. Is there a record for most different scorers in a match? http://i.imgur.com/CaBE0.png BTW suddenly Samaras is playing well for me. He's got 8 goals in his last 6 games, including 2 against Hearts, 2 against DUTD, and 1 agains Rangers.
  4. Here's a thought: inter-game friendlies. Arrange friendly matches between your teams in 2 different save games eg. you have a Celtic game in 2011 and a Blackburn game in 2013 (both teams full of new players and regens) In the Celtic game you arrange a friendly match with '2013 Blackburn', this match only appears in the game in which it was arranged (so if Celtic arranged it it would appear in the Celtic savegame, but not the Blackburn one. Things like injuries etc would only stay in the Celtic game, too)
  5. Long live the dots! I dot I was the only one who still uses dots on matchday!
  6. My strikers can't score either I aint bothered about the low ratings, it's just they can't put the ball in the back of the net, and it's not as if they're bad strikers... Which partnership do you think I should use and who should play in the hole (for home tactic)? Making chances isn't the problem btw, it's taking them, my goal came from a freekick in this game: http://www.tehupload.com/uploads/27175fdbf249b1estrikers_cant_score.PNG 31 shots, 1 goal from a defender any advice? Other than that, it's a good tactic, against the smaller teams my goals are coming from elsewhere but in the CL i'm struggling to score
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