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  1. Based on the advice I tried a couple of things: After trying both positive + low tempo and balanced + high tempo I... eventually went back to the positive + default tempo I was already using But I did change a number of player and team instructions that improved the style of play. First of all, using the higher defensive line indeed increased both the possession numbers as well as my team's passing. And my defense did not get noticeably worse! I kept work-ball-into-box as without it my wide players become crossing machines. For the same reason I kept the slightly narrow. Without it, my wide players have more space. This is obviously good, but they do get a bit isolated from the rest and therefore more likely to resort to crossing. As recommended, I changed the mezzala to a CMa. This helps with creating chances down the middle. It seems that FM's interpretation is fairly extreme and mainly aimed at 4-3-1-2. In reality the term is also used for players like Hamsik and Pogba when he played for Juve, but in FM terms they are closer to CMa's that occasionally move into channels. Changing my striker from DLF to CFs made him more involved in play. This is somewhat counter-intuitive since the DLF is supposed to be more focused on linking play, but the CF is more mobile which helps a lot. After settling on these changes I managed to beat Real Madrid 2-1 away, but more importantly it created more passing moves that fit my desired style of play.
  2. Yes, that's exactly what I noticed when I watched the match in full. I will try Experienced Defender's advice and move up the line of engagement, though I didn't do that at first due to fears over compactness. However, that was before the match engine patch when balls over the top were massively overpowered, so maybe things will be better now. What I also find interesting is that crusadertsar uses positive mentality + low tempo, and britrock uses balanced + high tempo. I'm sure there are more multiple ways leading to Rome, but that pretty much confirms my doubt I guess the best way is to just try both and see which one looks better to me. Note: I post very infrequently, but I'v actually been a forum member for a long time, and I really appreciate that whenever I'm stuck there's always a bunch of people ready to have a look and offer useful suggestions. Thanks everyone!
  3. What am I trying to achieve? I want my team to play possession football, playing through the opposition with quick combinations. I'm not aiming at the ultra-dominant style used by Ajax for the past two seasons, I'm looking at a slightly more considered approach like Sarri's Napoli or even Japan at the last world cup. As the screenshot shows I'm playing as Juventus, but I'm not aiming to reproduce the very cautious style they've been playing for the last two years. In terms of player roles: I would like the AML to function as the primary goalscorer. For this reason he has the "play narrow" PI, so that he's basically a second striker playing slightly wide. I want the striker to link to the midfield, but also score occasional goals (though more like 10-15 per season rather than 20-25). In previous FMs playing a lone striker with an attack duty made him very isolated, hence the DLF on support. The right winger is a runner acts as the main assister, either with a semi-cross on the striker or the AML, a through ball to the striker, or a cutback to one of the central midfielders. I was very happy with the introduction of the inverted winger role in the AM strata, as the conventional winger is basically a cross machine and the IF is more of a striker. The mezzala is also a runner and is supposed to provide some movement down the middle. I expect him to get assists rather than goals. What is going well? The AML is playing very well and scoring a lot of goals. The DLP acts as the regista and recycles possession well. Good overlaps from the WBR. The mezzala and right winger are not getting in each other's way, which is something I was initially worried of. What is not going well? I'm having some trouble in getting my team to play the way I want, especially down the center. My DLF is barely involved in play, my midfielders have problems to reach him. My winger tends to dribble at every opportunity, but doesn't really have an end product. My midfielders tend to pass the ball around without any forward progression. I'm not creating many chances because of the above (observed by watching some matches in full) I usually have around 47% - 52% possession, which isn't bad but can hardly be considered possession football. So why the title of this post? When looking at the presets for both possession football and vertically tika taka I find it very surprising that they use balanced mentality plus lower tempo. I find that combination very cautious, and I would not associated with the style of football I described in the beginning. I find that my team plays a lot better with a positive mentality. That's not just because Juve are better than the rest of the league, I previously played as Sassuolo and has the same. Setting the tempo to lower slightly improves the decision making, but it doesn't solve the movement problem down the middle. In theory, the reverse of what I'm doing (i.e. setting mentality to balanced and tempo too high) should be more what I want, namely the team playing "safe" quick passes and using movement to unlock the opposition defense, but I'm not seeting it.
  4. Actually, Dybala doesn't play that big of a role in build-up play. Most of Juve's chances are created down the flanks, or by the occasional long ball by Pjanic or Bonucci. In FM terms, Dybala definitely plays as an attacking midfielder rather than a striker, but when he receives possession he mainly focuses on attacking the box. He does get a fair amount of assists, but that's mainly from the last part of the attack. Also, some of those assists are from set pieces. I think the wide movement and roaming associated with the trequartista role fit Dybala's movement very well, but I don't think the "ball magnet" effect that the playmaker roles bring is correct here. If you look at WhoScored you'll find that Dybala receives the ball much less than Pjanic and Khedira, but assigning him the AP or TQ role would mean almost every attack goes through him. I think making him a Shadow Striker with the roaming instruction is more realistic to how Dybala plays IRL.
  5. Exactly! The most frustrating part is that it appears to be a restriction by the tactic screen, not the match engine.
  6. I noticed that the list of supported operating systems on Sega's website (https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/201580572-Mac-Specific-Issues) doesn't include the recently released OS X Yosemite. Searching this forum didn't bring up any results, so I was wondering whether anyone can confirm that everything works OK and there aren't any crashes on startup or anything like that. From previous FM versions I know that it will probably work, but I'd like to have some reassurance before I'll spend my money later this week
  7. Argh, getting this 3-5-2 to work is hard. I've tried some of the suggestions, and the effects have generally been positive. My strikers now actually score some goals, and my team scores more goals in general. I still find the whole thing a bit shaky though. My possession is usually around 45%, which is lower than I intended considering I'm playing "control" and "push higher up". It's not terrible, and I am winning, but I have a feeling like there's still something fundamentally wrong with my tactic. In short, this is what I changed compared to the opening post: - the left wing back is now on attack, I left the right one on support. I removed the "move into channels" from my DLF so that he can play in the left wing back when he overlaps. Setting the right wing back to attack doesn't work, the right striker is too far away, so this limits his passing options too much. (other teams in Serie A usually play with packed defences, both because it's Italy and because my team are the favourites. The wing backs can't really make runs into space since there isn't any.) - I switched the central midfielders so that the MC (a) is on the right, as suggested by rvd313. I tried using two box-to-box midfielders, but I'm not entirely sure about this, since it would leave only one player in midfield on attack duty. - not suggested, but I've also experimented with a trequartista instead of a DLF. I find my DLF to be excessively looking to play others in, even while there is an opportunity for himself to make a run or shoot. This might have something to do with philosophy. There is a thread on this forum which shows the mentality for the individual players, for each of the philosophies. When using "balanced" the mentality of a DLF is very low, in fact closer to a defensive midfielder than to the other forward. I tried to solve this by changing him to a trequartista (I don't mind if he doesn't close down, and my attackers are very creative). The effects have been mixed: the trequartista is much more dangerous, both in creating chances for himself as for playing through balls, but I did get the "gap between midfield and attack is too big" message from my assistant. I didn't see that while playing a DLF, possibly because the DLF sits even deeper. - ball playing defender works nicely. In one of the earlier patches I already tried one, but back then he was hitting crazy long balls. Now he sometimes assists the midfield, although the difference is minor it's nice to see.
  8. +1 for using "play out of defense". I was having the same problem, defenders were hitting random long balls everywhere, and it was largely fixed after adding the instruction. I also recommend setting your goalkeeper to distribute to defenders, but that depends on what his pass completion is for you.
  9. Thanks for the advice, this subforum is great Good point about the central midfielders getting too far forward, I'll remove the instruction. Think this might also influence the poor passing of my wing backs. If the midfielders are indeed too close to the strikers it severely restricts the wing backs' options, since the striker and midfielder on his side both have almost no space when they receive the pass. I will experiment a bit with setting both midfielders to box-to-box, but if I won't go with this I'll swap the AM(a) to behind the main striker, as suggested. Another thing I considered is to change from Balanced to Fluid, to reduce the gap in mentalities between midfield and attack. I won't change this yet though, to prevent making too many changes at the same time.
  10. I'm currently using a 3-5-2, similar to how Juventus has been playing for the last year and a half. The first reason is that I'm actually playing as Juventus, so the squad is a good fit for the formation. However, it's also nice to try something new tactically, after using several variants of 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 for the last couple of FM versions. There are some elements that I haven't used that much (wing backs, a regista, no wingers, a back three), so I'm still figuring out how to best link everything together. Halfway through the season things are going well: I'm winning games, I'm pleased with how my team is playing, but there is one problem: my strikers never score. This is what my basic shape looks like: One thing that is immediately obvious is that linking midfield and attack is critical, to prevent the strikers from getting isolated. I have tried to counter this by using the "push up" team instruction. This instruction fits my intended style anyway, since I want to control games and possession. For the same reason I have given the two central midfielders the "get further forward" instruction. This is somewhat risky since it can leave me vulnerable on the counter if the ball is lost in central midfield, but I'm willing to take the risk (plus Pirlo will stay back to protect the defines). The only other player-specific instructions I have assigned are to the deep-lying forward. I have added "dribble more" and "move into channels", so that he can get into semi-wide positions and operate from there with slightly more space available. The complete forward should stay up front, to act as kind of a more complete target man. I score a good number of goals, but almost all of them are scored by midfielders. My strikers have scored 4 and 2 goals in the league respectively, which is not something to write home about. It's ironic that I'm complaining about this, since one of the goals I had was to make the strikers assist in the build-up play and make the midfielders do runs into the box. My strikers do get chances, but not as much as I would want. One thing I've noticed from looking at the "analysis" tab is that the wing backs have a relatively low pass completion rate. My original theory was that they get too high up the pitch. So, when they get the ball they are already positioned too deep, which limits their passing options. I've changed their duty from attack to support, and while the pass completion is a bit better now it's still the lowest. I have some other observations, but I'm not sure if they are relevant to this topic (plus the post is already quite long). I hope that anyone can offer a suggestion which will lead to my strikers actually getting the ball into the back of the net
  11. It's mainly for defensive covering, as it's hard to replicate the Pirlo role in FM. Putting a playmaker in the DMC position will help with getting the ball out of the defense, but after that he won't be that involved in midfield play. In my case the playmaker was getting around 25 passes per match, while my two MC players were getting around 40-50. If you want to have a DLP dictating the game I would suggest playing him as a MC, and ideally have someone with the "comes deep to get ball" preferred move.
  12. I'm surprised to see so many people playing with an advanced forward or poacher in a 3-5-2. I started out with an advanced forward, but the lack of attacking midfielders and wingers caused him to be isolated and have only 1-2 shots per game. Playing with two complete forwards (one on support and one on attack) ensures both strikers participate in the build-up play. The obvious downside is that I don't have someone who guarantees goals. I'm also playing control/rigid/short passing, so it must be possible to create more chances for my AF, I just don't see how. [RESIZE=400][/RESIZE]
  13. I'm also playing as Juventus and having the same problem, so I'll try moving the DLP to the M C position as well. One question though, are you playing Giovinco as the Deep Lying Forward? The tactics creator highlights Strength as one of the key attributes for that role, probably because of the "hold up ball" instruction, and there are few players as weak as Giovinco.
  14. Thanks a lot for writing this, and also thanks for your involvement in the new tactics creator which makes it far easier to let your team play the way you want. However, after reading I have some questions, and I hope this thread is the right place to ask them. First, I've noticed that literally all examples have the fullbacks on "auto" instructions. Does this mean that the wingback/fullback role is the preferred way of differentiating between attacking and regular fullbacks? And are there situations where "support" instructions are preferred over "auto"? Also, I'm not quite sure about the playmaker instructions. The e-book lists both Kaka and Riquelme as advanced playmakers, but there is some difference between them. Players such as Riquelme and Veron are positioned closer to the rest of the midfield, and try to distribute the ball to the wingers, or try through balls for the forwards. In contrast, guys like Kaka and Diego are usually the ones that receive through balls, and play far closer to attack than to midfield. Does this difference exist in the tactics creator? For example, one is a advanced playmaker on "support" and the other on "attack"? Finally, I'm not quite sure if I understand what philosophy is about. The e-book defines it as "In Football Manager it defines how rigid or loose players are at sticking to their specific position on the field". How is that different to the "roaming" setting then? It's also confusing that Manchester United is the example for rigid, as their attacking players are constantly swapping positions and moving around, and they play without a classical defensive midfielder. To take Ancelotti's Milan as example, would that be rigid or fluid? Sorry again if this thread is the wrong place to post these questions, but it seemed appropriate
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