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  1. This. Thanks so much - now looks sensible. I wonder if my performance will drop off now though...
  2. FM13 Release Date & Pre-Order Incentive

    @0gris Not at the same time you can't, no.
  3. FM13 Release Date & Pre-Order Incentive

    On my link under "England" I can't see greenmangaming :-(
  4. Football Manager 2013

    FM13 through OnLive or similar platform would be my number 1 wish - processing speed would be cut down enormously thereby allowing larger databases, more leagues etc.
  5. Onlive / Cloud Processing

    You wouldn't transfer the whole data processing job back and forth though - everything is done back end and the FM12 "client" on the user's computer is basically just a dumb terminal, displaying the results via a stream from the server. If you look at the OnLive service you will see what I mean.
  6. I understand that there may be limited information about this, but, what chance is there that FM13 will be available through OnLive or similar? The ability for "instant processing" through back-end cloud / server setups really appeals to me and I would happily pay a monthly fee for the privilege.
  7. New MLS playoff structure

    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I'm sure there aren't licensing issues - as the game has all player photos, badges and team names included out of the box!
  8. I see for the 2012 season that the MLS have put a new structure in for their playoffs. Does FM12 have this included?Thanks!
  9. FM12 - The Ordinary Tactic

    Just thought I'd pop back and share some more results from this tactic (has contributed to probably my most enjoyable FM Save for a number of years). * Won League 2 with Oxford * Won League 1 (via playoffs) with Watford * Won Championship with Watford the following season * Stabilised Watford in top half of Premier League * Challenging for title in Bundesliga with Dortmund The reason I came back to share this was that I watched a fascinating micro-documentary on Sky Sports yesterday about Arrigo Sacchi. This is basically his system of football, a high line, constant pressing, always attacking to the end. Wonderful.
  10. FM12 - The Ordinary Tactic

    I'm really enjoying using this tactic. Normally I stick to creating my own but needed a bit of inspiration in a career game which was stagnating. One of the reasons I love this is due to its simplicity - its how football manager should be, without needing a doctorate in Physics and Philosophy. Anybody who loves football could look at that formation and understand why it should work and how it translates onto a football field. It also works great in the lower leagues due to its simplicity. Some observations for success - a pacey striker is crucial, either to capitalise on pull backs or as an outlet for direct passes from the back. One of your centre backs has to have decent pace / acceleration too, as the high line can get punished away from home. Stamina throughout the side is also important. Overall I'm incredibly impressed - thank you for sharing and good luck for the rest of your tactical adventure!
  11. FM12 in Australia

    Why? My only words of caution to anyone attempting this would be to preload first. Running via a proxy so far from from the UK and without a proper undersea backbone is not particularly fast.... [edit - really should have read my post first before clicking!]
  12. FM12 in Australia

    Last year the game was available at midnight Australian time. I remember this well - as I logged in through an Australian proxy and downloaded the last 1%. Was playing by 5pm UK time....
  13. games gone gold

    From previous years 4pm feels about right. Fingers crossed!