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  1. I hope this is the right place for my suggestions as they´re not necessarily bugs. Team talks: It would be much easier to adress individual players if you could just klick on them. Additionally, it feels counterintuitive that once I selected to adress individual players all players become marked and I have to deselect all players I don´t want to adress. IMO it should be the other way around. Pre-match tactical screen: There is no way of returning to the team talk screen. You will return to the team talk screen when you haven´t delivered any talk by pressing the "tunn
  2. Thanks for the reply. Hazard became unhappy that the promise was not kept. You can see in the dynamics screen that he is unhappy because of team talks after a friendly two months ago which is the one Akanji was unhappy about.
  3. Summary: Promise was kept, but a different player than who was promised is unhappy that promise was not kept. Description of Issue: I promised two players to improve team talks. I had team talks with positive reactions since and the original players dropped their concerns. But a third player who wasn´t part of the original promise and never raised concerns is unhappy that the promise is not kept. Promise is shown as completed in the promise screen. Steps to Reproduce: Reloaded last safe before the time for the promise ran out and the issue persisted. Did not try to recreate by going
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