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  1. Static League Reputation Workaround?

    Do it and then make a thread about it in the CSE forum. It'd make a good experiment.
  2. How did you feel when you saw Walcott had a rating of 10.0?
  3. Finally won the A-league. SUCK IT CENTRAL COAST!!!
  4. Interesting choice! I think I took an easy option picking Australia. It isn't ridiculously easy, but it hasn't taken me long to become the best team in the country. Now I just need to conquer the continent.
  5. Wolverhampton Casuals FC Update - Season 1 (2009/2010) - Starting Division: English West Midlands League Premier Division (Level 10) So I've scrapped my Askern Villa save and started fresh for the new build (didn't like Askern too much anyway) with Wolverhampton Casuals! Their name suggests ambition. Time to take them to the top! (I'll probably restart when an even better build comes out, but for the time being this'll do pig) Starting profile pic
  6. Cheers mate. I appreciate the reply. Good luck with the lvl 10 logos.
  7. The FM10 Danny Roberts Challenge

    Just offer him a really lucrative contract. Do everything to keep him in!!! Just out of interest, how did you sign this fella originally? Was he a product of your youth team, or did you scout him?
  8. Super Bladesman: I realise that this may not be the top priority at the moment, but could you add a section to your OP for graphics packs (logos and kits) as they come in?
  9. Isn't it possible to upgrade enough to a point where you get an academy or something? I always figured it would be, but I'm not sure. Where do fresh Indonesian player's come from, if not from clubs? Shame about Van Dijk, he would have been a great snag for an Indonesian team (Given his nationality). I wanted to sign Harry Kewell, but I didn't realise he was available until it was too late. Ended up with a consolation by signing him as a coach
  10. 4-1-2-1-2 is far too superior?

    I'm playing a 4-3-1-2 (i.e. flat back 4, CM and 2 wingers, AMC and 2 ST) and I'm doing fairly well. I've had a few matches against teams playing 4-1-2-1-2 and they couldn't handle my team when I shouted, "Exploit the Flanks". All it took was one talented winger (pacey and good at crossing) and a tall heady target-man and I was demolishing teams.
  11. A-league: Brisbane Roar FC 2012/2013 Media Prediction - 2nd Finished - 2nd Finals - Winner!! Asian Champions League - Won in 2nd Round (to be continued into next season...) Table Well, Central Coast Mariners have the word 'coast' in their name for a reason, finishing 19 points ahead of me. I seem to be stuck in a purgatory between the Mariners and the rest of the pack. I can't see myself winning the league anytime soon, but at least I've got the elusive finals series under my belt. I got beaten with a 6-2 aggregate in the major semi-final against the Mariners, beat Adelaide 2-0 in the second chance draw, to meet the Mariners again in the finals. I was 2-0 down with 30 minutes to go, so I brought on a bunch of fresh legs, told my team to go for broke, and by the 85th minute I'd pegged it back to 2-2. I was pretty nervous going into extra-time, but in a stroke of pure managerial skill (or luck) my team netted 2 goals in the first half of ET, securing me the trophy with a 4-2 win. Transfers - Finances (Forgot screen, but I made a profit of 340k this season, and am 1.8m in the red) Playing in the ACL has also helped my finances a little bit, and may do so more if I keep up my form. If I can slip in an upset or two and make the final I'll be more than happy. I've qualified for next year's already, so I've got another chance if I waste this one. I'm pretty happy with how my team is coming together. Just as my old stars are fading into the background, my wave of young talent is starting to hit form, so I wont need to sign many players. I also signed a young Brazillian called Mauricio at the start of the season who started to hit some amazing form towards the end. I expect him to be the top striker in a year or two with the way he is playing. His pace is destroying all of the ACL teams. I also scouted two new young guns (a GK and a DC) who will sit in my youth team for a year or so until I start easing them in. I also found Scott Jamieson on a free transfer, who will fill my problem left-back area. Player of the year: Sergio Van Dijk - Again. Prolific in front of goals, and can hardly put a foot wrong. I only wish he didn't have to play for Indonesia every second weekend. Next Season? - Aim to close the gap on Central Coast - Qualify for the ACL again - See how I go in this years ACL and then go one better next time - Baby steps Season League Position Finals Series ACL --------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/2011 A-League 5th 5th DNQ 2011/2012 A-League 2nd 2nd DNQ 2012/2013 A-League 2nd 1st in progress
  12. Holy ****! small update at end of season. Lost in the major semi-final against those titans at Central Coast with a 6-2 aggregate. I cleaned up Adelaide 2-0 in the prelim, and came up against Central Coast in the final at their home ground. I was down 2-0 in the first 30 minutes and it looked like another rout. Last 20 minutes of the game and I get 2 snappy goals to take it to extra time. Out of nowhere, I get another 2 goals in the 1st half of ET, and then spent the rest of the match nervous as hell! I wondered why I dominated so late, and then I looked at the condition of the other team... all below 70%. So in the end I made a major upset and beat the stern favourites 4-2 to win the A-league grand final!!!!! This was even more remarkable considering I had just come off of a 4-4 draw with Pohang Steelers in the ACL
  13. Only 18 rounds in to season 3 of the challenge (A-league) and Central Coast have already qualified for the finals series. They are 20 points clear of 2nd place (me). I seriously have no idea how I'm going to chase them down. Their marquee striker is starting to lose it, but his young partner is just starting to hit his peak at 26, netting 13 goals in 15 games, so he'll be dangerous for the next 5 or so seasons. Hopefully he gets poached... maybe I should tap him up and get some media in on the hype.
  14. Hah, you'll be back in debt by the next transfer window.