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  1. I don't want to comment on how valuable your previous posts were, but mocking an entire group of players is not very valuable at all. They have sincere concerns about the balance of the game and providing single cases where the problem is at least not obvious isn't in any way proof of the problem not existing at all. Maybe we could go back to discussing actual proper approaches SI could realistically take to tackle the issue that seems to exist, given the number of complaints that have been made so far, which of course happens every year, but this year more so than usual.
  2. That is a fair point as well. Self discipline would improve the overall game experience as well. I often limit myself in what I do as a manager to keep things realistic, i.e. implementing certain LLM rules. Makes me think if it would be a good idea to include an "ironman" mode in the feature that auto saves the game maybe after every match or even every day. Not sure if this would be practical at all at the current stage, given that saving takes a lot longer in this game than in others with such a mode, but maybe it's still worth considering.
  3. That's not really a relevant point though. OP already explained that this also includes managing lower league teams and the likeliness of back-to-back promotions, which seem to be as easy to achieve, if not even more so, as in previous versions. There should be many more stepping stones, I'm also not in favour of changing up the ME to add difficulty, I would be happy to see something like an increase in AI transfer aggressiveness, such as bigger teams trying to buy your best players no matter what. Rejecting their offers resulting in the board stepping in or the player to revolt, causing
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