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  1. I'm having great success at the minute playing 4-2-2-1-1... A BWM and DM, two DW, Coutinho on SS and Suarez as F9....
  2. Starting season 5 now... Really trying to build club up... Capacity now at limit..58,272 Top training facilities...just need to improve youth from excellent to top now.. Finances looking healthier...Sponsorship now at £87 million per season..
  3. Season 4...more thrills and spills... Community shield secured on penalties After getting knocked out of both cups by Chelsea in season 3 revenge was on my mind Suarez sent off for diving (2nd time this season!) when it was 1-1 in FaCup Final...City took advantage.. Went out of semi finals to Barcelona 3-2 on agg...so close of getting to another final... League was very competitive..Spurs and Chelsea fell away near the end leaving it to myself and Man City to battle it out.. Terrible Fixture congestion at the end of the season..i was playing a game nearly every two days.. Had a very tricky run in Southampton H lost 2-0 Chelsea A won 2-1 very late on Man City H lost 0-1 Man Utd H drew 1-1 My chance surely gone....went in to last day 2 points behind Man City C palace A won 2-0....all eyes on Wigan vs Man City....Cmon! Wigan won 1-0 and I won title on last day drama by 1 point...
  4. 3rd season...3 trophies... Man City beat me in comminty shield final,,,Chelsea knocked me out of both domestic cups and benfica beat me in champs league 1st knockout round...lost 4-2 away and couldn't retrieve it at Anfield The all important league retained...terrible start while new players Juan Jesus, Rues and Diego Costa blended in..didn't win any of first 5 games and a couple of draws near the end meant I fell over the line... great to see expansion plans go ahead...hard to build up cash..
  5. Just got £35 million plus £3.5 mil after 10 goals for Daniel Sturridge! Signing Reus for £29.5 mill..
  6. I have started playing two holding midfielders (a BWM and DM) and two defensive wingers in the wm position...has improve the defence unbelievably!
  7. Season 1...qualified for Champions League in fourth place on last day with a thumping away win at Cardiff. Everton lost at home to Southampton to gift me fourth in a rather unconvincing season.. Season 2...now it get interesting... a 2-1 defeat against Chelsea then this mental result left me in sixth position having lost 7 league games League Cup was memorable Early round win against ManU--5-1! went on to win it! my 1st trophy for the Reds! revenge time in the final of the Fa Cup... 2 cups secured and win after win after win in the league...Champions!!! Champions League was on fire...Knockout stages.... Real Madrid beaten 2- on agg, Juventus beat in Quarters 4-1 on agg, Arsenal 4-2 on agg in semis... Barcelona would await in the final... Luis Suarez extra time free kickc outside the box!! what a season!!
  8. Pretty cool idea...I'd be more interested in an experiment where everyone uses the same formation and we change the combination of mentality and fluidity.. Eg 451...attacking and rigid, control and balanced, counter and fluid etc...I think this has more importance in this years fm than formations...if anyone wants to run this alongside this thread I'd be interested...
  9. Agree...it does absolutely nothing as does match training..the only thing that matters in this is game is having a brilliant tactic..
  10. Hs anyone had Anfield expanded?? Mine just got cancelled at the end of the 2nd season!!
  11. 2nd season slump... Ter Stegen, Peruzzi, Sakho, Balanta, Bender Gerrard Sterling Coutinho Sturridge Suarez Utter guff...those players should walk half those matches... I have no idea how anyone gets to compete with Liverpool...
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