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  1. HI, I know this is a system in the game, however it seems like it happens far too often. The day after every transfer window I see a large number of players signed by AI clubs in that window requesting transfers because the club have broken promises, usually not bringing in a player to help them settle. It feels like there needs to be some kind of tweak to this as a player requesting a transfer 2 weeks after joining his new club is highly unrealistic and just ends up disrupting the teams season.
  2. @John Wood I haven't had it in another save but as I'm close to finishing my current season I'll keep a look out and update if it occurs again.
  3. Thanks for the reply @John Wood should be uploaded under Admira - John Reese. I am mid way through the following season however.
  4. Hi, Noticed an issue in the season review screen following the end of my second season with Admira in Austria. Finished second against a target of finishing mid table in the club vision screen, which obviously we smashed, however the season review screen claims the board are disappointed we only finished in the top 2 places, giving an overall D. Across the top it also claims we went into a tailspin and dropped from 0th to 0th by January. Imagine it's maybe some issue with the league splitting into the championship and relegation groups. The board rating is correct in the club vision so j
  5. HI, So I wasn't sure exactly what the right section would be for this, so feel free to tell me where to put it. I'm just beginning the third season in what was going to be my long term save with Gateshead. At the end of the first season I noticed that none of the players career stats where being saved at the end of the season. They would update and be correct throughout the season but as soon as it ticked over into the next, they would disappear, with the entire year just missing from every players history. I finished the second season to see if it was just a one off but again it has jus
  6. Hi, I'm having an issue trying to take over a team in Liga III. The league is loaded but when I try to add a new manager, the option to select the league is greyed out. I've loaded a couple of new saves with the same result? Hopefully this shows what i mean. The league itself appears to have loaded correctly, teams are populated etc.
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