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  1. So does this mean FM21 will be playable from midnight tonight for people with late 2011 MacBook laptops with OS High Sierra or am I being far too optimistic ??
  2. Yeah, it’s understandable that problems can occur during the beta stage, that’s why it exists, to find these bugs/glitches but that’s not what I’m annoyed about, I’m annoyed at the lack of info that is being provided by SI on this matter. The games full release is in 3 days and we still don’t know if we’ll even be able to play it yet. Assuming they are like any other normal company, they won’t be working on weekends. If that is the case then that means that we will only get some insight into what’s happening on Monday but I really can’t get my hopes up for that. Rather then tell us th
  3. I mean you say not too long ago but it’s been almost 3 days now since their last update. The full game will be released in 4 days. Was kind of hoping they would have it sorted by the weekend tbh. Or at least have some news, I mean we don’t even know if the full game will work on our devices yet, this is just the beta. I understand problems like this can occur in beta stage but a little more interaction from SI wouldn’t go amiss. Again, I understand COVID-19 has made things a lot harder and I am forever grateful for all the work that SI have and are still currently putting into FM21 but I can’t
  4. Any updates today from SI ?? Going into this weekend, it would be great if we could be able to finally play the game. I have still not requested a refund yet, as I am holding out hope for a resolution to this issue.
  5. Thank you for this Neil, I wasn’t trying to cause any chaos by messaging Miles Jacobson, I just wanted the people here to have some information as to what was going, as we hadn’t heard from you guys in a while. I assumed Miles might know something being a director of SI but maybe not. I’m sure everyone here can agree that FM is one of their favourite games of all time and when something like this happens, it is painful for your dedicated fans to stomach. I understand this is Beta stage and things like this can happen, plus COVID-19 has certainly not made anyone’s life easier but hopefully this
  6. I’m looking into upgrading my MacBook Pro to an ACER Nitro 5 gaming laptop, I know nothing about laptops but this is the one people keep suggesting I get when I ask around, not sure if that will help anyone here who’s as desperate as I am to play FM 21
  7. That’s what I don’t get/ understand why we haven’t had a response from SI here for a while, unless they are trying to decide which unlucky sod has to inform us all that we can’t play the latest FM game and will need to all upgrade our laptops 🥴
  8. So um Miles Jacobson (director of SI games) doesn’t even know how the tech guys for SI can even check this issue, he says unless they have the exact same laptop as us it will be hard to test the problem. This is very discouraging and to me screams that we need to get refunded for FM21 if we can’t play the game. Unless we can get an update from someone here from SI to let’s us know how they are getting on with checking/testing this problem ???
  9. Darn! I was really excited about playing this, I knew I would eventually have to upgrade my laptop but I thought it could survive one more new FM game before that would happen, guess I was wrong, worst timing to happen as well, just when the new Xbox and PlayStation release, I need to upgrade my laptop to play my favourite game as well!
  10. So has this issue been resolved or is it still unplayable for people with MacBook Pro laptops from late 2011 with an OS of High Sierra ??
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