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  1. Hi, @Francis Mooney - I had uploaded my save to owncloud, the file name is hugovzky_SLB.fm
  2. I had the same bug, the fixture scheduled to 22/11/2020 against Santa Clara appears twice.
  3. Summary: In the Shortlist page the icon of the scout recommendation values are bigger than the row height Description of Issue: In the shortlist page, in the column of "Scout recommendation" the icon size of the recommendation values are not fitting well in the row space, the size of the value icon is bigger than the row height. In my interface options I'm using the default skin and the size of text & images is at the standard 100%, but I tried different zoom sizes and the bug persists. Steps to Reproduce: In Scouting menu go to the Shortlist tab, and there the at the left c
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