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  1. Few more suggestions... 2D match engine <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Expand match engine borders to enable greater variety of shots, goal attempts, lobs, mis-kicks, wayward strikes etc. If the ball was returned from offscreen, this would represent the ball being returned from the crowd, rather than simply dropping dead when it hits the pre-defined match engine borders. This would improve the realism of the engine tbh. <LI>Ball to bobble more on visbly broken surfaces, especially on pitches that are shared by more than one team, such as the lower leagues for example, but this could happen at even the highest level. <LI>Players making more mistakes in adverse weather conditions, such as snow, ice, fog, heavy rain, high winds, mud, hail, sleet etc. <LI>Snow / ice patches on some playing surfaces (IE those that don't have undersoil heating installed) during the winter, as well increased use of orange (or alternative) footballs for visibility reasons. More Leagues <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Increase in number of playable lower leagues outside English ones. Also expanding the existing depth of the English lower league structure, such as including the 3 leagues directly below the Conference North & Conference South (Northern Premier League, Southern League, Isthmian Premier League), more info here Expand team talk possibilities <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>This will enable a more accurate and relevant team talk to be given dependent upon the situation, rather than the same few options. Contracts <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Flexible promotion / relegation clauses rather than fixed 25% rates. <LI>Pooled / delayed bonus payments over a period of games (EG paid monthly) rather than weekly / per game. This may be beneficial to teams in the lower lagues and / or with financial issues. Conference National financial model <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Once a team has turned professional in the Conference National, it becomes difficult to manage the club's finances; it is much easier to mantain finances when a club is semi-professional, probably due to lower wages being covered by attendance income. <LI>Clubs with smaller grounds / gate receipts struggle to compete in wage terms. Perhaps this can be related to the suggestion of issuing ticket prices? <LI>Increased financial breakdown, EG what represents Other costs, which are usually signicantly large at the end of the season.
  2. Sorry if these have already been mentioned, but in addition to an improved training module, here are a few suggestions for future versions of FM. More in-depth stat analysis <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Analysis of various partnerships such as strike partnerships (goals scored / contributed etc), defensive partnerships (clean sheets etc), playmaker / target man / set pieces stat breakdowns. Also available for reserves and youth teams - makes first team selection so much easier and faster, at-a-glance etc. Control/input into ticket prices <LI>Manager to have a say in various ticket prices. Although this would usually be considered as a board activity, if some sort of semi-control could be established over ticket prices, this would allow a greater control over potential incomes generated. <LI>For example, the board could approach you at the start of the season and ask for your input into club ticket prices (using multiple choice pre-fix options) for all competitions involved in during the season. Obviously the pre-fixes would depend upon the club's size and situation. However, I know that this would be complex to achieve through coding, especially if a club reaches the latter stages of a competition and ticket prices would generally need to be increased to maximise income. <LI>Potential ticket price categories: matchday, reserves, youth team, domestic cup(s), European / continental etc cup, one-off cup / trophy (eg super cup, charity shield etc), season ticket price, half season ticket price etc. More involvement with stadium expansion <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Possibility of recommending specific areas / stands etc of the existing ground that need improving, rather than a random increase in general stadium capacity. For example, this could be illustrated in a top-down 2D graphic of the existing stadium, and this would allow managers to pinpoint areas of the ground that need improvement. Visible upgrades to this potential 2D stadium graphic would also be a great visual aid to the grounds' current status, especially if you transfer between clubs frequently. <LI>Again, this would require additional research into existing stadiums and their capacities, but it would probably open the door to a more enhanced visual representation of a club's ground and potential expansion opportunities. Perhaps this suggestion could also be incoporated into training and youth training facilities, but on a much more simplistic scale using pre-fix graphics? Increased board room interaction <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Increase in the number of available board room requests than at present. Examples could include advising board when to change club playing status (EG from semi-professional to professional, vice versa in desperate financial situations); adjustments to existing ticket prices (concept discussed above); more flexible and frequent sponsorship arrangements (discussed below); manager performance expectations for the coming season (using pre-fix choices) - these could be put forward to allow the board to consider the personal targets of the manager, as well as the board's, before coming to a final decision on league expectations. More sponsorship involvement/selection <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Rather than the board select an uncontrollable kit sponsor at the beginning of a season, perhaps more flexibility in sponsorship selection can be introduced. For example, as illustrated with selecting an affiliated club, the board should offer multiply sponsorship deals (multiple choice pre-fixes) to a manager, and ask him to recommend the most desirable/feasible etc. Also, perhaps the manager could recommend the number of seasons the kit sponsorship is to cover. <LI>As well as the existing kit sponsorship, perhaps other areas of sponsorship can be included in future versions. For example, selecting sponsorship boards inside the ground, with each potential location varying in sponsorship length, cost and so on. Also, perhaps stadiums could have renaming rights for a set number of seasons, similar to the kit sponsorship at present. I know that some of these suggestions are quite radical, but its always worth putting a few more into a brainstorming session. I've got more suggestions, but ain't had time to get round to them yet.
  3. I ain't had time to read through the whole of this topic (which started years ago by the looks of things ) due to a lack of free time these days, but the one area I would definitely like to see restructured is training. I could go into all the unecessary waffle with my reasons for this, but I have links to do that for me : A user guide to Seasoned Alcoholic's FM2007 Training Schedules So basically a note to the developers...please consider bringing back a training system such as the one used in Championship Manager Season 03/04. At least then specific attributes can be targeted rather than the attribute pools as is currently the case in FM2007. I'll probably have more suggestions for the future though. Cheers
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