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  1. Foreign Policy Achievement

    Thanks Alari. I replied to you with some comments about the achievement, but in the meantime Ive unlocked the achievement. Only took 16 work permits, which is fair, so you can pretty much disregard most of what I say in the response. Thanks for your help with the matter
  2. Foreign Policy Achievement

    I was able to copy the file to my download folder and attach it into an email from my mobile, which is a lot less hassle, so thanks Jack. Alari: I have just sent you the save to the Sega email as requested. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Foreign Policy Achievement

    Thanks mate, will get on it tomorrow. I presume the only way is to copy the file to my pc first?
  4. Foreign Policy Achievement

    Could a mod please move this to the Bugs forum for me if its not going to be answered here? Thanks.
  5. What exactly do I have to do to unlock this? The game says I have to sign a large amount of players that require a work permit, however I have never seemed to have gotten it. Today I decided to set up an experiment and started a new game with Man City and using Brazil as the primary league loaded. I also disabled transfer windows as I knew the Brazilian league starts in January. I then sold off as many players as possible for extra funds as I simultaneously bid for players that would require a work permit. 40 players signed and a completely dismantled Man City later and I'm still waiting on this achievement. What gives? Is this achievement a cumulative figure across multiple saves? If not then where am I going wrong?
  6. Daemon Tools in your systray while FM is running and utorrent in there as well and you want SI to hire you?! You're probably lucky just to still have an account on here!
  7. A 4 sec goal?!

    That blatently takes 4 seconds to go in, not two
  8. Argh! At the end of my first season my Boca squads fitness has taken a massive nosedive and it's threatening to ruin an almost perfect season. Everything was fine until it switched to the 2nd season on the 1st July (with cup matches still to finish), but now all of a sudden it's like my team are all on holiday or something because once they play in a game they fail to recover from it. There is no 'Hol' status for any player and I can't see anything in Training that might explain this. Is this some kind of bug? I've just lost 2 games in a row because I can't field a team with players over 70% fitness, losing 3-2 at home to Cruz Azul in the Copa Libertadores Semi Final 2nd Leg and 3-2 away to Estudiantes in the Recopa Final 2nd Leg. Luckily I led both fixtures in the first leg, meaning I've scraped to victory in the Recopa and I'm now in the Copa Libertadores Final against Cruzeiro, but I'm probably going to get destroyed over 2 legs against them because of this fitness problem. I'm sure I can't be the first person to experience such an issue, I've only just started playing in Argentina and never experienced this in any other league I've played. Please help me save my season before it's too late
  9. I'd like to see the news item about scout reports updated to include the 'Transfer Information' section. This includes whether the player is actually interested in joining your club and also how many months they have left on their contract. This would save me valuable time when scrolling through a ton of reports I've requested without actually needing to click to view their report card. It would put a stop to me getting excited because my scout has recommended players as better than good signings only to find out viewing their report cards that they have no intention of joining our club
  10. Ideas for Football Manager 2011

    RainyLamb: Preferences > untick 'Move Matches For TV'
  11. THE OTF FIFA.com World Cup Fantasy Football Thread

    Is Neuer Germanys number 1 right now? I assumed it was Wiese and put him in fwiw, my 1st XI and subs minus the crap: GK Wiese DF Lahm DF Cannavaro DF Maicon MF De Rossi MF Ribery MF Iniesta MF Kaka FW Messi FW Villa FW Rooney Subs DF Samuel DF Lee Young Pyo MF Dempsey MF Inler MF Tosic MF Boudebouz FW Cardozo FW Donovan may have to rethink and have a decent sub keeper put in also, as both of mine are cack
  12. PSV expensive Taxes

    Do expenses for expanding your stadium and facilities get lumped into the Ground Maintenance column? That might explain such a phenomenal figure
  13. Ahh, I'm usually playing online so I probably zoom past the news item and not notice it to do other stuff within the continue timer.
  14. Penalty cheat/bug

    Reminded me of Gary McAllisters penalty for Scotland against England in Euro '96 where the ball moved as he was about to strike it Then that reminded me of that pleb Uri Gellar, who tried to claim it was him that moved the ball with the power of his mind