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  1. Hey, Is there going to be any sort of discount for Black Friday on the Playstore or anything? Thanks
  2. Ok, so its not actually possible to do such a thing. Fair enough and I appreciate the response
  3. As complex and as detailed as a 15 year old CM game? Doesnt sound so good when I put it like that, does it? You cannot really compare it to PC games. Its a mobile game. Compare it to other mobile games, of which every other management sim is typically free, athough I concede they are hidden by a paywall of in app purchases, but let's not forget how expensive the FMM ones are also. Getting away from Football sims on mobile its also one of the most expensive games in the entire marketplace and therefore will be treated as such. Minecraft for mobile is £7. GTA San Andreas is £7. The other top selling management sim Motorsport Manager 3 is £4. I could go on and name dozens of other games, some with polished 3D graphics that Back on point at £9 its far and away the most expensive for management sims and you have to pay the same price every year to get the next iteration, which is pretty much the exact same game, but with an updated database and a few new features. So, with all that said, I respectfully disagree that it is a fair price. Personally, I think you should get a reduced price after buying multiple versions, like I'm pretty sure the main game started doing years ago. That would be fair to me. Only paying a few quid every other year for an updated database, while they work on new features and bring out a new version every couple of years, now would be amazing. Can't see SI going for that one though. I'd happily settle for the previous idea.
  4. I was going to buy this right now through boredom on the nightshift, but the price is now £8.99? I would personally already consider it overpriced before but when did you decide to lump another pound onto the price, as I always remember it being £7.99? Also, I did not actually expect the price to go up from the £5-6.99 I think it was at during the transfer window, given the limited shelf life the game now has until its next iteration. Disappointing, as I was looking forward to playing after a couple of years away from it. Personally I really think you need to have a look at how you price this game to keep people like me coming back and get new people interested
  5. Thanks Alari. I replied to you with some comments about the achievement, but in the meantime Ive unlocked the achievement. Only took 16 work permits, which is fair, so you can pretty much disregard most of what I say in the response. Thanks for your help with the matter
  6. I was able to copy the file to my download folder and attach it into an email from my mobile, which is a lot less hassle, so thanks Jack. Alari: I have just sent you the save to the Sega email as requested. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Thanks mate, will get on it tomorrow. I presume the only way is to copy the file to my pc first?
  8. Could a mod please move this to the Bugs forum for me if its not going to be answered here? Thanks.
  9. What exactly do I have to do to unlock this? The game says I have to sign a large amount of players that require a work permit, however I have never seemed to have gotten it. Today I decided to set up an experiment and started a new game with Man City and using Brazil as the primary league loaded. I also disabled transfer windows as I knew the Brazilian league starts in January. I then sold off as many players as possible for extra funds as I simultaneously bid for players that would require a work permit. 40 players signed and a completely dismantled Man City later and I'm still waiting on this achievement. What gives? Is this achievement a cumulative figure across multiple saves? If not then where am I going wrong?
  10. I completely forgot that Bio page even existed since the blogs and the demo Nice touch of realism though if it only shows up after they've played enough games
  11. Your managerial competition record? What does this have to do with the players themselves? Or am I missing something?
  12. Surprised you've only just noticed how crap the ME is Well...it's only really made crap by FM08 standards but it's a massive step down I've always felt. The introduction of 3D has to be to blame really, hopefully they do a better job for FM10
  13. ahh, i thought you were referring to the icon. i haven't actually seen the box since i bought the game. the new verification system has its perks
  14. Orange and blue surely? How old is your monitor/how much cigarette smoke has got on it?
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