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  1. As the title suggests... Figueiredo is wearing his home kit where as his teammates are in their away kit. I didn't notice this until half way through the second half so think it may have changed when he was given a yellow card in the 65th minute.
  2. I get why people people don't like the changes since it is placing limits on what you could previously do during a match. I'm also surprised that SI were brave enough to do this given that there was almost certainly going to be people who didn't like it. That said, I think it is a positive change that not only makes the game more realistic but also more challenging. It is clear with every iteration in the last few years that SI wants to move away from the 'Spreadsheet Manager' stereotype and become less stats driven. In my mind, this helps to achieve that and discourages people from play
  3. As standard I have been switching from a gegenpress to a different, more defensive tactic at around the 70 minute mark in every match. This is okay if I am winning (or happy to draw) but I've yet to find a suitable alternative for when I am losing. The players definitely suffer if I try to maintain the press for an entire match though.
  4. That's a fair point and fits with why I like the new interface, i.e. a manager wouldn't have a large amount of information constantly in front of them but would be able to pull out their iPad. That said, I would expect my coaches to have some insight into the expected formation based on the teamsheet. Personally I like to automatically see a last minute indication of the likely formation so that I have an initial feel for what might be good or bad about my own tactic.
  5. I've not played FM very much for a good few years now other than some short FM19 save games and a brief flirtation with the FM20 demo so can't comment on how much it has changed since last year but so far I am loving FM21. The match engine feels much more fluid and realistic and the interactions (although they will probably get repetitive) feel more immersive than previously as well as more nuanced in what response is the "correct" one to choose.. I also really like the new match UI - I get why others do not but for me it is more comparable to what an actual manager will see and do. Is it
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