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0 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. No questions/answers at all, not sure if we really needed one for this type of match but regardless
  2. Okay, so an update: 2 penalty shootouts, and 2 separate penalties Werner, Kovacic, Mount and Abraham all scored in the first shootout. Hudson-Odoi, Mount, Abraham, Jorginho and Thiago Silva all scored in the second shootout. Mount has scored both of his penalties in all comps too (atm our main taker). So for now, it's good. Bound to get some misses soon but the number of penalties isn't OTT.
  3. I was about to add some future fees onto the transfer, with £0 initial fee, £30m in 12 months & £10m after 50 league apps, but whilst doing the £10m, the game crashed.
  4. Currently in pre-season with Chelsea, season 1 All penalties so far: Hudson-Odoi (Missed) Jorginho (Missed) Werner (Missed); Jorginho (Scored) Mount (Scored) Jorginho (Scored) Werner; Jorginho (Both Missed) 8 penalties in 6 games, only 3 converted. Hudson-Odoi was on a hattrick, hence why he took one (since unticked it). But Jorginho (17;19 Cmp/Pen) and Werner (13;14) are good takers, I feel it's a bit too many penalties and the conversion rate is far too low for the quality of the players taking the penalties. I've changed my kick takers to Mount, Abraham, Giroud, Werner and Havertz as my top three (all have a good blend of Finishing, Composure and Penalties), but surely some improvement is expected...
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