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  1. Ive always started as a Championship team and been promoted to the premiership a few times But seem to realise you dont get enough money to buy some decent plays to stay in the premiership . Do you guys think this will change in fm11 or is it due to you chairman giving you the funds Thanks
  2. ok thanks I will probably just start a new game when it comes out then .
  3. I know you can carry on your saved game on the demo to the full version But , i normally put a few leagues on my game , Can you only choose 1 league on the demo ? Thanks
  4. I Know we can carry on our game from the demo to the full version But can we only pick one league on the demo ? Thanks
  5. Trophy Cabinet!!! Love the feeling when you win a tropgy Would be a nice feature if there was a trophy cabinet Surely it wouldnt be that hard to put it in the game
  6. Ok cheers mate... i see your a macc fan.. Ive from macclesfield
  7. Thanks mate ... When ive downloaded these ..what folder do i put them in ? I cant see a graphics folder when i go into Sports Interative then FM 10
  8. Hiya Anyone Know where i can download the face packs .. And in the future do you guys think the premiership will have there proper badges ? thanks
  9. FM 08 - Mark bresciona (spelt sommat like that )
  10. FM 08 ... i'd say Anelka is pritty good Dean ashton and Vagner Love are quality Players...from my experience any1 else bought any ov these players
  11. i think u should just buy the game m8 .....and why do people think its so hard gettin a job when ur unemployed..?? everytime i have resigned or got sacked ive found a job straight away