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  1. @herne79 Thanks for your input, really helpful comments. 1) I've just watched my first couple of games in the league with the tactic, and I think your target man comment may be an insightful one. I just tried sticking with a target man for one half after I saw your comment, and then as the pass completion was so low (57%) I moved to a DLF. You can see that my Deep Lying Playmaker became the nucleus of the team when changing to a DLF, while the Target Man was a bit more of a 'ball magnet' in the first half. My pass completion and possession increased markedly in the second half (avg. pass completion jumped from 57 to 66), but the build up was a little more studied. I want to get the best out of my target man (in Non League I think a striker with high physical attributes and height is very useful), but I don't want it to be at a detriment to the team. I'll probably be mixing it up to begin with to see what the best result is. It might be that I try early crosses TIs, but I'm going to keep it as basic as possible to begin with. 2) As for the DM pairing, I think your concern is valid and similar to mine. I think I am going to stick with the DLP (S) and an Anchorman (D) for now, and try to be solid and difficult to beat. So far my results are 0-0, 0-1 (away win) and 0-0 since moving to the tactic. If the trend of low scoring continues I may move to DLP (S) and DM (S). Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the thread. I've taken in the opening posts and looking into applying counter attacking principles to my side. I wanted to ask, and apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere, but do you see any problem with using a two striker formation and trying to counter using it? I've been struggling with my 4-4-2 system in the Conference, and I am looking at changing it to a 4-2-2-2. The only instruction I will use would be go more direct due to the quality of my target man. He is the main reason I want to try and play two up top. Using the two strikers presents a few problems by way of instructions. The BBM midfielder used to link your attack and midfield is too attacking for a formation with two central midfielders. I have a good candidate for the anchor man role and was considering using a deep lying playmaker with support setting - I don't want him to press and leave the back four overly exposed, but I do want him to give an option to link with the attack. At the moment I'm looking at ST (AF-A), ST (TM-S) ML (WM-S), DM (DLP-S), DM (A-D), MR (WM-S) My idea using the counter mentality and lack of players pressing as suggested in the thread is to invite teams on. I have two strong tall centre halves and want the two central defensive midfielders to sit in front, be difficult to breakdown and then using direct balls counter for a target man and an advanced forward. What should I be worried about, and is a two striker formation designed to counter a bit foolish? My concerns are the DM--> ST link and as OP has outlined that my two strikers mean my opponents are less likely to commit players forward as they might vs a one striker formation.
  3. Has anyone had any joy playing in the Conference, or indeed the Conference South with a 4-4-2 system? I've been trying to implement a system similar to the Cowleys at Lincoln but without much success, 11th going into January and facing the sack if things don't turn round quickly. If you don't really follow the league, it's a fairly direct 4-4-2 with high pressing, lots of balls into the box and an emphasis on set pieces. A slightly more agricultural Simeone almost, with the two banks of four. My assistant constantly wants me to remove 'Close Down More' & 'Higher Tempo' which is a bit annoying. I've ended up retreating to a 4-3-3 but I think it's too late. In terms of players I have had a bit of success with: - Billy Knott is unbelieveable as an advanced playmaker at MC but I doubt you'd be able to get him unless starting a game with Lincoln. - Ricardo Fuller is a good shout as above for a target man, but he did pick up a bad injury (also as forecast). I got him in when Rhead was injured which left me light. - Ruairi Keating is not bad back up. He's on non-contract basis at Torquay and I've used him M R & up front when others have been unavailable. - Adam Marriott has 15 in 25 playing as an advanced forward. Not too bad, would prefer someone with a little more pace in his role though. Signings I wouldn't bother with: - Went for Rhys Oates following my target man injuries, been really poor other than scoring the winning penalty against Gateshead in the FA Cup! - Tried Dany N'Guessan wide as he's available on a free but no better than Arnold or Ginnelly.
  4. Decided to give 'eagle' a go, because I haven't really tried anyone elses tactics for FM09. I'm trying with Liverpool, having reached the start of March just 1 point behind United. Reason I'm trying something different is I think my two self-made tactics (a 442 at home, and a 4231 counter attack away) had been found out. I'd beaten United 1-0 at the start of February, but drawn with Villa and West Ham since making few clear cut chances. Anyway, what better way to test the tactic out than the League Cup final- against United! And the results are remarkably impressive. Fernando Torres, who had a very nice return of 23 in 32 before this... decided to smash 4 goals in, and I won 4-2. That's the second time in the season I'd scored 4 goals since beaten Spartak Moscow in the Champions League, having had many more 1/2 nil wins before that. The pace seemed to be a lot more frenzied than I'd been used to in previous games, but it did seem to be an entertaining game! Anyway, I'll keep with it because 4-2 in a cup final is a great start. All I need now is to turn over that 1 point that United have over me in the league!
  5. I've been using v2.1 from the start of the season with Man City. It is actually insane! I'm 3rd, P15 won 10 drawn 2 lost 3. I beat Chelsea 6-0 in the League Cup and 5-1 in the League.. their formation is totally exploited by this tactic. Guilherme has 21 goals and 9 assists in 17 games from FC. Arshavin has 12 goals 5 assits in 16 games from AMC (L) Elano has 8 goals and 9 assists from AMC ®. My team is GK: Schmeichel LB: Garrido CB: Garay CB: Dunne/ Corluka RB: Richards DM: Gelson DM: Tymoschuk AMC (L) Arshavin AMC © Van De Vaart AMC ® Elano FC: Guilherme Although this tactic is not particularly realistic, it is very effective. Good work Kimz!
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