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  1. A number of possibilities come to mind. the incoming club might be at their limit of loan players. He may have played for his previous club and for you and cannot play for a third team in such quick succession. The board might feel it is too soon to loan him out after signing him.
  2. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  3. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    I was holding it together until this
  4. I am at a wedding on the 14th and as I'm the Best Man I have to be there all day.
  5. Something for the oldies (30+)

    Same here, with the background picture of the diving goalkeeper
  6. Craig Brown in CM4, he was a player the computer added to the Alloa Athletic Squad at the beginning of the game to bring the number of players up (pity it couldn't have added a keeper to a squad that started with no GK) He gained a few Scotland caps, played MC for all 10 seasons from Div 2 to SPL champs in a squad which also featured: Ivan Hurtado Stavaridis (Greek international defender) It was a pain in div. 1 having both CB's away on international duty. Kingsley (Kenyan striker bought for free sold for 5.5m). Craig Fagan (bought for peanuts as a potential back up, he complained about not playing. As there were 4 matches left and as I had gained promotion i granted him his wish and he scored 9 goals) In another Alloa CM4 game I signed Peter Holcroft (MC) for free 18 goals in 36 games, the chairman hated him and told me to stop playing him, so after a few warning I eventually had to release him. Earlier version of CM it would have to be the Brazilian regen available at the beginning of season 2 for £5m with 20 for both Finishing and first touch.
  7. Why are Liverpool so bad?

    In my game by feb 09 liverpool were onto their 4th manager. Rafa lasted one season, Javier Aguirre lasted until Dec 08, Juande Ramos lasted until Feb 09 when Van Gaal came in. From Rafa leaving (6th in EPL) to Van Gaal coming in liverpool looked like getting relegated. van gaal pulled them from 18th to 12th and they won the Uefa cup