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  1. main changes that i feel work, is tempo, if ure = with ure opps in possession, try increassing tempo to first notch of quick. then see how u go from there,each team is different, tho u can have success with a tactic for a period of time, there will come a team that u will need to adjust, increased tempo def against weaker teams, just watch first 20m of game, and check for stuff u need to try,
  2. id say pace is vital in this tactic, apart from target man, my assists come from my wings 2/3 and the rest with the strikers, im tottenham, and have aaron lennon on rite and van persy on left, ure left striker should have loads of pace also, post ure team and players,tell me ure starting 11, i had berbatov in the target man role, and tho he can fufill this, i went and bought zigic especially for the role, and he is doing amazing,
  3. YEAH well , it started with a bit of praise, then i got a bit carried away,
  4. CAN i just say this is an awesome tactic, won the quadruple with spurs in my test season, i was leading the league with crystal palace before ai cracked this tactic, i will start a new game with palace, i have noticed that tweaks during game are vital, moving around the players arrows till and positions slitly till u take advantage in game, ex, changing arrows on wingers from long to short to none, move wingers into aml and amr positions, moving central midfield into dm with arrows going into midfield, etc. I had berbatov who plays amazingly well, and defoe or kone on the left side,. i must re
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