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  1. 2 minor things. the sturm stadium is called Merkur Arena or Liebenauer Stadion. I don't know why it's called Bundesstadion Graz-Liebenau. It's owned by the city of Graz and "Bund" means the country. also at sturm Jon Gorenc Stankovic has 2 surnames rather than Gorenc being his middle name. https://www.sksturm.at/de/teams/kampfmannschaft/kader/spielerportraits/jon-gorenc-stankovic/ https://www.transfermarkt.de/jon-gorenc-stankovic/profil/spieler/245034 however it does only say Stankovic on his shirt
  2. not sure how i can proove this but i hadn't used mentoring groups since the summer and now at the end of november one of my players suddenly picked up a trait in his mentoring group!
  3. Whenever I put a player on the unwanted list there is an alignment issue in the message my DOF sends me that he was unsuccsessful. It happened everytime I've tried this. I use windows 10 64bit, 100% UI scaling, Full Screen Mode, 85% Text and Image zoom, 2550x1440
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