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  1. yes, it helps. in fact it completely solved the problem for me. The fan is no longer blowing like crazy and the computer is no longer hot.
  2. I discovered something that can help anyone who has this problem on the MacBook Pro. Go to finder -> Application support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> Football Manager 2021 and right click on fm21-> get information and click "Open in low resolution". This turn off retina
  3. same configurations with same resolution, same machine and full screen mode. The only thing that seems result in FM21 is play windowed mode. Calms down the fans and the temperature dont get hot.
  4. i tried the above advice but the fan keep blowing like crazy. It's a brand new MacBook Pro so I don't know if my computer is the issue.. I played here FM20 and runs great. Thanks anyway
  5. I have the same problem. The fans blow very loudly while I'm doing simple things. They also blow very loudly whenever I make a game, and I play in 2D. It had never happened to me with the FM20, the fans never turned on. I have a MacBook Pro 2020
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