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  1. I've just had the same glitch when I knocked out Sparta Prague from the Europa Conference League and I got an email that said they were previous winners of the competition when they weren't, I have uploaded the file for the save game from just before I got the email as 'Queens Park before glitch'.
  2. I don't have the save game from before the email but I'll upload the save game I have now, the name is Queens Park.fm
  3. We (Queens Park) scored but it was ruled out for offside in the 48th minute but the player that was offside didn't interfere with play Dundee Utd v Queen's Park Offside.pkm
  4. I submitted my team for a game and when I went into the game some of the players were missing and were replaced by other players that I never selected
  5. In an email it said Stirling Albion had won the Scottish Cup in the 2024/25 season, I'm in January in the 2024/25 season so they haven't won it obviously. I just knocked them out of the tournament so I would imagine that's why it appears there
  6. My full backs always have the lowest average ratings in my team no matter who I play there, I've seen quite a few people mention this so I doubt it's just my players
  7. I've been having a problem where the game is too zoomed in and there's not enough screen space available, because of this I haven't been able to chose all the panels I would usually have and I can't use custom skins. Is there any word on whether this is able to be fixed?
  8. I am managing Queen's Park and on the icons list is shows Ross Caven twice and I am certain this is not two different people
  9. This actually made it worse, I got the bug where the you can’t click on any buttons and you have to click above them, thankfully I fixed it by going in and out of windowed mode (windowed mode didn’t fix the zoom issue though)
  10. I had this problem during the beta and thought it'd be fixed when the full game came out but the zoom is messed up. I'm playing on 85% zoom but even that is too zoomed in. These are my settings-
  11. I'm in the same position as you, really weird how this has happened
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