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  1. The funny thing is every single football manager in the world either Premier league or kids Sunday football has half time team talks.its such a big part of being a manager that i can't believe its not in already.it doesn't have to be time consuming just one click to express your feelings to your players but would add so much to the game
  2. I've read recently from one of the team saying half time team talks will not be in the game,surly that is one of the main jobs as a manager.im not suggesting full on team talks but if we had 5 options every game ranging from keep it up I'm really happy to I'm really angry you must improve.it wouldn't take up too much time and would add to the realism of a football manager as long as it effected the players,eg players more determined or players feel your wrong to criticise
  3. Hi,I find it really difficult to offload good ageing players with the message about nobody wanting him if he's gunna retire at end of contract,if Milner or carvani for example became available in real life a lot of clubs would love to sign them.i also see their stats really suffer with age,I would have thought only their physical stats like fitness would be affected by age not shooting,tackling ect.
  4. Love the game,I'd quite like a press page in the game which could be the back of a newspaper which would be just for your division which updates and it would have any clubs major signings on it,any clubs with a big win,any unhappy player ect .I would also like more excitement on transfer deadline days like in real life like clubs offering you deals at knock down prices and your players wanting to leave and stuff.Im abit of a nerd so id also like other managers to have a history page of where they have been and maybe a page on the shortlist of every signing I've ever sold so I can check if they went and had a good career or not.keep up the good work guys
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