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  1. I got your point, but my point is his CA is underrated, it should be 170CA, not 160CA now, he is a player of world class.
  2. I got your points, but in each of the last four seasons, Son consistantly created nearly 30 goals, including 20 finishing plus 10 assist, yes, consistantly for four years... but his FM rating cannot reflect anything about it, I mean, if you coach Hotspur, you barely let Son to achieve 20 plus 10, it's not my problem, you can ask any other FM players who play Hotspur, they probably say Son in FM is far away from good as in reality. The CA/PA 160, we know it cannot reflect his ability. I don't know why, but the truth is, FM just ignore the huge improvement on Son.
  3. It has been five years with better and better performance, but seriously, comparing his contributions and performance, you guys giving him so low rate? Why? Finishing is 16 pts, and first touch is only 12 pts, I don't thinks his first touch is so low as 12 pts, you know that.
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