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  1. Barkley in 'the Bergkamp role', which considering Bergkamp was a lot more physical than he was given credit for, and was a forward coming from deep, and Barkley has enough similar attributes to fill the needs of the role too (eye for a pass, hard to dispossess, shoots from distance), yeah it's definitely a system that can work out. I'd be interested in what shifting McGinn to the left and giving him a Roaming Playmaker role would do for the system (with Costa given even more defensive instructions to compensate).
  2. While you're aiming at replicating Villa this season, that's starting to look a lot like Arsenal's Invincibles system.
  3. I've been thinking of attempting a recreation as I think this is the closest squad in style to the Invincibles we've had in years (style, NOT necessarily quality). Lacazette's all round game reminds me a lot of the work Bergkamp did that wasn't highlighted bcause the focus was onhis brilliance, Iwobi feels like Pires without the end product (conversely Ozil feels like the Pires end product without the hard work to get there), and Guendouzi is like a pale, frizzy haired proto-Vieira (especially as Vieira's attacking qualities were so often overlooked), and in Torreira we finally have our heir t
  4. Yep the assumed 'relative importance/quality' of a player is another factor in the Work Permit Application (used to be called the exceptional talent clause, may have a new name), and the most obvious way to show this is to give them a big fat contract. Someone coming in on low terms will be far more likely to be seen as a drain on the system and get refused.
  5. Best way is to gie him a lot of playing time and be successful (relative to your club's goals ofcourse), both will make a permanent switch a lot more attractive.
  6. Never assume stats will improve for staff. AM's also run your reserve squad in FMT.
  7. I've always wanted to be able to get a 4-3-1-2 working properly, just haven't managed it so far this year (or last to be fair). @westy8chimp I'd actually look at playing Torreira as the holding midfielder, with Xhaka as maybe a Mezzala (s) on the left of the 3, with Guendouzi/AMN on the right, may give better balance. I think if retrained, Iwobi or Smith-Rowe could fill in quite well for Xhaka in that role too (maybe Willock too?). I'm going to assume that come the Winter Update Ramsey will be set as leaving on a Free (assuming he doesn't go this window IRL) so I'd be wary of build
  8. That transfer embargo would be greatfully recieved by the FMT community if it could be made to work (whether as a 0 first window budget to allow free transfers, or a full embargo).
  9. I'd be interested in a download link if you have one available.
  10. Yeah was the hair that threw me I think, my bad.
  11. Thanks for the confirmation SEB, saw that in the bugs forum after I'd posted here as well, was hoping there may have been an interim suggestion so as to not have to bin the save.
  12. I'm really struggling with getting the balance right for the FMT19 beta when it comes to fatigue, despite heavily rotating my squad, so I'm hoping for some help with training to get it working better. There is definitely less control of the training in FMT (no scheduling at all, can only set a focus), so the only way I've found to alter player's workloads is via individually setting their Intensity, but this doesn't seem to make much difference. I'm halfway through the first season and after every match atleast a couple of players are 'Jaded and in need of a rest'. This is with Arsenal so I'd
  13. There is less depth to the training in FMT but it has still had a significant revamp compared to older versions.
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