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  1. i remember you could buy a player without receiving a work permit, but you definitely had to send them to a feeder club to gain the permit before they could play for you.
  2. sure, but if a player comes out and says they want to join you, as opposed to one of your players saying they want to leave, then it seems reasonable to expect that to filter through to you. this isn't just media gossip. its actually on the players profile page.
  3. i was casually going through some players in the player list and just happend to click on a player that was unhappy (inigo martinez). i was surprised to see that he had asked to leave and join me (Liverpool) as "they play in the champions league". i dont remember being informed of this, and think it wouldnt be unreasonable to expect this information to filter to me in some form. maybe the players agent, or one of my scouts that has his ear to the ground about such things. a second player, Kevin Volland, has also asked to leave - but on his page, it states that his desire to leave and go to
  4. i see. black star = 'scout knows he is not sure' gold star = 'scout is pretty sure he does know' neither means they definitely do know.
  5. if a black star suggests that the scout is 'not quite sure how good they'll be', does that mean that if my scout says my 17 year old young player is a '3 gold star' prospect, that he definitely knows he'll be that good?
  6. do you know what it would be in the full FM game? (not FMC). its a handy piece of information.
  7. i believe that in FM14, i would go to the players 'Report' section and select the 'Form' page. this shows a list of all the games that the player played in. on that page, it would also say whether the player came on as a sub or was subbed, but it doesn't seem to be the case any more. has this information moved? it was really handy to know, so that i dont keep subbing the same player all the time. it also helped to know if my player had played a full 90 minutes in the last 5 games or if he came on as a sub for the last 10 minutes in those 5 games.
  8. I think the players are too quick to say this. I've had to employ another 4 coaches for Liverpool, just to try to get more per category and still the players are moaning. Liverpool start with a certain amount of coaches and I surely shouldn't need to get each coach to train 4 or 5 different categories.
  9. i found the number of coaches being required is a bit strange. when i first load up as Liverpool, they have about 8 (which include under21 coaches). but trying to spread the coaches time across all the training, and getting the players to stop moaning about not getting one-to-one time with the coaching, is impossible. even when i buy another 5 coaches i can't get all my training areas to be 'Average' workload. i have 4 coaches training ball-control, amongst other areas, and still the vast majority of my players are moaning about not getting one-to-one time in ball control training.
  10. i've never used them, and i've never asked my ass man to set them.
  11. But that's how Liverpool started last season and it didn't do sturridge any harm. My expectation is that I wanted to play the striker at the point of the attack so everything goes through him.
  12. My issue is that I'm not struggling to score goals as a team. Its just that the other players are either bypassing the striker or just getting into the scoring position themselves. The other problem is that the striker, inexplicably, misses more open chances than the attacking winger/inside forward. Also, the wide men will insist on taking a shot on when they are standing on the byline, 2 yards from the post, instead of cutting the ball back to the striker. More often than not, this involves the ball being blazed across the mouth of the goal and out for a throw in on the opposite side of the
  13. i've played about 5 seasons now and cannot get my main striker to score a decent amount of goals. i play as liverpool in a 433 formation - one striker and two wide attackers. i started for the first 4 seasons with suarez up front but all he could muster was between 13 and 17 goals in a season. i now have Carlos Fierro up front and he is also struggling with 6 goals in about 30 games. my defenders score a fair amount, as do my wide attackers, but my striker is not chipping in with his share. i have the striker as an Advanced Forward, but 've tried Suarez as a Complete Forward, too.
  14. sounds like a bug. are you able to upload a picture of his Career Stats and the League Stats, to this thread?
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