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  1. I'm getting the same quickness related messages, had them all through season 1 and I'm starting to get them with a few players in the close season ahead of season 2
  2. Well, the game is on 9.1.5 tried to upload a package of highlights, had to login to YouTube, not an issue, it seemed to have worked, the green bar moved across the top of the generating report screen as did the blue bar in the highlights screen, but when they both finished which they did quite quickly there was only a 128kb file in the uploads folder, after a short while this increased to 9mg, the game had frozen, I was allowed to come out of the highlights screen, but then it was a dark generating report screen, the highlights file in the upload folder jump to 14mg then a short while later to 30mg. I noticed the icon in the taskbar had gone orange, I checked and there was another window saying the game had suffered a major crash. Th game died and when I checked task manager it was gone, however the screen the game was being played on remained black and it was if my PC didn't know it was there, the other screen was fine. Had to reboot the PC to get back to normal. Crash dump file attached. FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.20 21.35.12).dmp
  3. When I posted, it was the most up to date version, I know version 9.1.4 is out now and will update when I next open the game. When I do and 9.1.4 is in play I'll try a YouTube upload again, but at the moment my game is close season with no games for a while. cheers
  4. Had the same issue as the OP on the first clip I tried to upload, that was a single clip chosen from those the game had selected. Last night I tried to upload and again I had to re login into my YouTube account, this time I chose to pick the package or both clips, the blue bar moved across the top of the screen and I thought it was done, I waited and nothing. I check the folder where the clips are saved and there was a file generated, but it was only 128k, I left it for a while but it hadn't changed. Check task manager and it showed Fm19 using around 20% of the CPU. I didn't want to lose progress in my game, so I thought it may be just being slow, so left it overnight. This morning the file is now over 9mg, but the game is still frozen, game was still using 20% CPU, so I just had to end task on it. **Edit - Tried to export a highlight package and the game has frozen, small 64k file appeared in the uploads folder and now nothing, going to have to kill the game again. It would look like the package option 'upload or export' is not working.
  5. Hi, I've uploaded my save game, 'Dave Khamelion - Vilafranquense (V03).fm' the player in question is Joao Freitas, the new contract has been agreed and is under consideration but is before the message about the broken promise comes up. Game day is 24th October If I look at the contract offer, the three tabs bottom of the screen, - Budgets, Promises, Other, when I click on Promises it shows no promises, not sure if it supposed to or not. What's also odd, is if I go to promises under my profile the promise made to Freitas is not there. I loaded save game V02 which is the 31st Oct in game time and the promise still does not show under 'Promises' on the home screen. So I uploaded my last save game, after the contract is agreed and after which Freitas becomes unhappy, this is the 7th Nov game time and which does have the promise showing under 'Promises' and shows it as Completed and failed.
  6. So I've had a similar issue to the OPDuring my game I renewed the contract of a player, he wanted the promise of league promotion, which I gave, then as the game moved on a few days, he resigned and all was good, fans were happy, he was happy and playing well.This is a new game I started last week when I bought the game and we are only 7 games into the season.Games moves on he's now unhappy and he wants to leave because of a broken promise, in that we have not been promoted, still got a few games to play to do that. The promise showed as completed. I'll check if the save games have overwrtitten.
  7. I've downloaded this pack and had problems for the start, but I read the mails in this thread and worked out where I was going wrong and what I had to do. I for one and many others who have downloaded the logos appreciate the work and effort that has gone into creating the logos, so your aimless and futile comments do not achieve anything bar show you own inadequacies and inability to read and understand simple instruction. Regards Dave
  8. For starters I may be being thicker than a thick thing on a thick day after taking thick pills on the tickest day of the year, but I'm not sure if the update has worked. Firstly I got no errors, I downloaded the torrent and installed then downloaded the three updates and installed, my UDF is C:\Users\Dave\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\Graphics\Pictures\Logos\Metallic Logos FM10 and I've done the un-ticking and ticking piece in preferrences as well. Further up this thread, Kremmen writes. "If Germany, for example, have the green DFB logo the update has worked fine - if it still shows the 3 starred shirt logo then it's not quite right somewhere." mine has this, but the carling up logo has not changed and the logo for the Dutch national side has disappeared, also in the update the Nottingham Forrest badge got changed to be white or silver to make it stand out more, so I checked for this and that hasn't changed. I'm sure I'm missing someting but don't know what. EDIT 1 Think I've sussed it, I spotted the alternatives folder, so I guess you can manually swap like for like logos, depending on your own personal tastes. EDIT 2 Sorted the Carling Cup logo issues as well. It's amazing what you can acheive when you read every word written and not every other word EDIT 3 Cheers Kremmen, quality work which is most appreciated, thank you very much. Regards Dave
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