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  1. Im half way through a first season with Unterhaching who are in the German 3. Liga (third division). I am currently in first place, but granted the media prediction for them is 3rd. Only thing wrong though is that i have no transfer budget whatsoever and so i have to rely on talent being brought in on via loans or free's. That being said though, my best game was actually a 1-0 loss to VfB Stuttgart in the german cup. I was holding out for a draw until my defender gave away a penalty in like the 88th minute. I was gutted, so close!! It just goes to show that this tactic does well even if you are in the lowest divison possible for the country you are manging in. My aim is to bring Unterhacing to Champions League glory and i believe this tactic will allow me to do that, great job!!!
  2. [FM10] From Ten to Prem

    Interesting, i saw this and thought id post as i just started a career using the superbladesmans level 10 file too. But i started a few levels up (underneath the Regional Premier league) with St. Austell. what formation do you use? Only reason i ask is because i have Janky in my team too, I have him playing as the lone frontman in a 4-5-1 formation. Half way through the season and he isnt doing too well, most of my goals have come from my attacking midfielder.
  3. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"
  4. Damn 6 fouls against me in that one game? Seems like they are deliberately trying to hurt me. Maybe because i am so damn good perhaps? lol.
  5. Woohoo, another goal and finally broke the 1 million pounds transfer value. Along with seemingly getting more playing time things are looking on the up!
  6. Darn an injury, it looked like i was on consistant form too. Hopefully i will come back with a bang!! Plus im nearing the 1 Million transfer value !!
  7. Woohoo a goal!!, i hope they play me regularly enough so i can score more.
  8. Groin Strain!!! Doesnt my player know he is supposed to kick the ball? lol. Well i hope i comeback and continue playing as well as i have.
  9. Looks like im playing more, thats a good sign!!
  10. Same here, while 17 games and 7 subs arent bad, i would like to see myself play more and get my stock up. I definitely look to have the stats of a damn fine player. Maybe i need to go on loan.
  11. Wow, good update. Hopefully all this experience will serve me well in the future.
  12. Hmmm, i may have to consider going on loan soon. Although im still not doing too bad.
  13. Create your own player

    Ooooo i wonder who it is....watch it be my other hated team..Chelski LOL
  14. Create your own player

    Oh boy i hope City come in with a bid. I need to get out of Arsenal!!
  15. Create your own player

    Oh no i cannot believe i got sold to Arsenal. I hope im not there too long. But watch just in spite of me i will do well for Arsenal lol.