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  1. Please tell me, a guy who bailed out of 21 to play FM 18 and be happy, are wingers still mindlessly hitting the ball into fullbacks to get the corner or sometimes they manage to pull a cross or even roll the ball back?
  2. One cannot go back to older versions of one FM, but it's possible to go back to older FMs and it's the best that FM addict can do now. Sorry for the pointless rant
  3. I would agree with you if I haven't played with same team before and after the update and if that wasn't the set-up I've been using for couple years already, difference is quite obvious to me. There is a disbalance in ME, not as big as in 20 but still it's there
  4. What's the point of even having dribble less TI if every player either runs to the byline to have another corner via blocked cross or just circles with the ball, waiting for oposition to come back and take their positions? What's the point of having "play out of defence" and GK instructions if those are ditched in favor of thumping the ball upfield? Let's just face it, since 19 (new tactic builder) ME has been inconsistently bad. What's the point of even having tactics builder if engine anyway plays out the same way? That's rhetorical question
  5. I'm having the same, not those players, but ST in general. I'm telling you people it's FM 20 all over again. But this time with ridiculous interface decisions. Idk maybe SI had a big staff turnover and hired "strange" devs or they are plainly oblivious but this is becoming really funny how they send the game down the drain
  6. Long story short. I've played with same team before and after update. Well... all fantoms of FM 20 have been back: wingers running into the defenders, to have a blocked cross that of course goes to corner because we all know, balls never get deflected elsewhere, strikers, that scored around 12-15 per season now can't even hit a wall, players ignore partners in good positions and run blindly into defenders (even though dribble less TI is on), defenders kick the ball forward with "play from defence" is on, etc. Everything that pissed me off before, what I though is finally gone is here back again. I know, opinion of one frustrated gamer is nothing, but damn I'm frustrated. I can't really believe SI doesn't see how unballanced ME has become since FM 19, so I think they just don't care much as long as people buy. I wish they'd have a strong competitor to ground them, maybe this would happen one day. And I'm not getting fooled for my own money anymore, when I need an FM kick I'll get it from past versions. This is the point where I can finally sign off
  7. When the update was out I couldn't get into a save due to work, finally it's NY holidays. Well... I get the feeling that I'm playing 20 again, but with a trashy UI this time. Blocked crosses, impotent strikers again, lack of central play, all that I thought was ok is back now. I know most people enjoy 21, maybe I'll get into it too, but this is a kick in the groin to me
  8. Dumb question, but I can't find it anywhere. Is 21.2 patch save game compatible? I'm quite into my season atm Thank you
  9. Have to say I was defensive of UI, but it grew on me. I can't stand press conferences with this tiny font and content, split into two opposite part of the screen. I hope I'll get used to it and just start clicking by memory, cause content remained as stale as it was. Many people wanted press conferences to change, but in a way of content, not getting ugly layout, that goes against any UI logic
  10. This version seems a bit "arcadey" to me. I play with mdeiocre team by league's standarts and even without going higher than balanced and overpowered gegenpressig I win non-stop, overshoot every opponent for fun and sit first. And oll that with counterattacking setup. Haven't scored a single setpiece goal but tons of clearances over CDs heads. Feels like playin on easy mode so far. True power trip
  11. I support this point. But in case of situations, like I've described above there is no way around it, it's a bug loop, you can't get out of. Other than that I never use in-game for fixing saves
  12. You can deem me as "cheater" for that, but I keep in-game editor for rare cases like this. For example once I had my GK sold to bigger league before window even opened. Knowing he is going away I've arranged a replacement of even better quality beforehand, So transfer window opens, one in one out and whole team comes to me questioning how could I let him go. All I could do was to promise to get a replacement when replacement was already there. So yeah, for ridiculous s..t like this I keep the editor around
  13. Imagine getting the same, for example, on your working interface (CRM, dev. console etc). You'll be mad as hell. And FM is one big CRM with a simulation mechanics Besides it's not two clicks, when you play for couple hours you make tons of extra steps, that could have been easily avoided, and were easily avoided before. It's basic UX course
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