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  1. I can't believe that this issue is still present in FM19, especially in a game focusing on football management. Why on earth you still see managers switching teams in the middle of the season? What is the last time you've seen a manager leave a team for another out of their own will in January or similar? In my current save things didn't really go that well for Pep at Man City so he was let go after 32 rounds. And sure thing, Ancelotti will leave Napoli just a few games before the end of the season in which he is still battling for Scudetto to go and manage City. To not make this just a rant, here's what I'd change. When a team fires a manager they either prioritise hiring an unemployed manager or hire a manager and agree that the new guy starts only in the beginning of the next season. Otherwise I'm enjoying this game a lot, but this is such an immersion killer, especially since it often leads to a manager merry-go-round.
  2. Thanks michaeltmurrayuk, that did the trick for me. I was just about to write about this same topic.
  3. I would reply to this poll, but that would be too much like attending a press-conference.... so i'll skip.
  4. Does he have any PPMs? If yes, what? How are you trying to supply him with? Passes from the AP, wingplay, both?
  5. The issue is with huge amount of draws which make the league tables incredibly close. Just look at some of those numbers you got there: Pompey 20, Lincoln 17, Southend 17, Plymouth 16 etc etc. I've seen the same patterns also in Serie A, where the difference between 1st and 15th has been around 7-8 points after 20 or so rounds..
  6. I have similar problems (Playing with Milan) and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that it can not be done regularly on the current version of the match engine. The problem is that basically no one makes runs from the deep in to the space behind oppositions DL and even if someone does, there is rarely any supply. This just results to that pointless moving the ball around near the box. Sure, sometimes you see those defense splitting passes but not often.
  7. I think you are a bit too open in the midfield. Of your 3 men in the middle, 2 have an attacking role and the other is supportive. I would put one of the midfielders to Defensive duty. I am playing with the same formation too sometimes and seems to be working okay, although I am struggling with consistency too.
  8. Geronimo360, restart Steam. That helped me. Currently downloading the Mac demo
  9. A feature that I'd like to have in FM09 is actually quite simple. I would love to receive monthly reports from own assistant manager/scouts from my teams players that are loaned to some other team. Basically it would mean that every time you get a monthly training overview you would get a short messages about your loaned out players like: "Arturo Lupoli, Treviso, 5 games 3 goals and 1 assist, avgrat 7.20. Arturo has been in great form during this month and is showing signs of delevopment." or... "Alex, Santos, 0(1) games, 6.00. Alex has not been playing much during this month either. You should consider recalling him if situation does not improve during next couple of months". This would make tracking ALL your players much easier and help you perhaps make decisions if your youngster is ready to play in your first team next season. Also this way those loanded out / 50% owned players would not suffer "out of sight, out of mind"-syndrome.
  10. Came up with couple ones: How about the ability to SEE the defensive line in the tactics screen? I mean that a concrete line would show up in the tactics screen to represent where on the pitch this is. This would help the manager to better analyze how the team is responding. Of course it could (/should) not be "the one and only truth" but should give an impression where it stands. This would also help the newbies so that they should not have to guess what which slider does. Because this is still a bit of grey area for experienced players too! Also, could it be possible to see "closing down zones" in the tactics screen? Like for example if you play 4-4-2 the players dots would be in the center of the zone and then there would be a radius which would show the area where that particular player closes down opponents. Of course, the further the slider is in the right (eg more closing down) the bigger the radius would be. This would be just to show when players will begin closing down and make it in a visual way. Again, this would help the people playing the game understand it better. The radiuses shown would be "default" and then the players individual attributes would determine if he would really close down in that area (eg. difference between Gattuso and Ronaldinho who is more likely not to close down while Gattuso will charge the opponent).
  11. I didn't take the time to read through all the 32 pages, so many (maybe even all) of these have probably already said. 1) Like Cookie Boy said in the previous post, it would be important for us to save our own pre-set player instructions. Now when you sub Beckham type of player to Robinho who is more of a dribbler, you have to change so many sliders every time. By letting us save our own pre-sets (and "unlimited" number of those!) all this would be eliminated. 2) More options in to tactics screen. For example you could instruct your wingbacks not overlap, to overlap all the time or overlap some times. (Just like with TTB.) 3) Instructing your strikers to a) come down to meet the ball b) go forward and try to find space behind the opposition defenders. This could be done with a tick-box. 4) Instruct your (wide)players to cut in / stay near the sideline / mixed. This way you could instruct your wingers to go to the box while your fullbacks would provide width. This can be done to some extent now, but it is a hazzle and not clear for many players how to do that. 5) Players would learn PPMs while playing. For example if you have MC in your team and you set him to shoot from distance and he plays in your team for example 3-4 years, I would guess that the player would naturally try more long shots even if the would swap teams. This could also mean that by setting your MR to cut-in regurarily, with time he would adopt the Cuts inside - PPM. Of course this would depend on players potential and the fact that does he like you or not. 6) Shooting charts. Plain and simple, add a view to match stats where you can see where your team has shoot and where the ball has went. Simply an 2D pitch with red X (and the number of the player who shot) marks shot wide/over the goal and green O marks a shot that resulted to a goal. This way you could analyze that you concede a lot of goals from outside of the box and you have to do something about the issue. Even better if you could see "still image" or a screenie type of picture of the situation so you would see where your players were on the current moment. (By hovering your mouse over the X's and O's the image would change.) 7) Passing charts. By selecting a player you could see where he has tried to pass and with what success. This would help you to analyze for example your playmaking. 8) Training revamp. Divide the training to more spesific sections like passing, shooting, one-on-one situations, set-pieces, off the ball movement, defensive movement and so on. Of cource training eg one-on-one situations would improve the dribbling skills and technique and a little bit of first touch too while defensive movement would improve the tactical discipline and positioning of players and so on. Of course this would mean the tactics section would be more complex than it is now, but hardcore fans would appreciate an approach of this kind. The newbies could just use the default settings for different positions. 9) Improved mentoring: players would not always "copy" the mentors PPMs because really, isn't that a little bit stupid? If Guti argues with the referee, would the player being tutored really start bashing them too? In some cases of course, but every time? I don't think so. Also while selecting a tutor for a player it would be good if you could see the personalities of players available in the drop-down menu because currently you either have to remember who would be suitable or always check it and then make a decision. 10) Improved player interaction: you could point to player what he has done right and where he needs to improve. For example you could say to Gilardino that you are pleased with his efforts but you hope that he would be more consistant and improve his teamplay. 11) More options in team talks. Maybe it's not necessary to add the options, but increase the AVAILABLE options. For example if you are winning by 2 goals you could still encourage players, now you just have to settle for being pleased. 12) Talks to sub players: when taking a substitution you could say something to the player coming on, eg no pressure, I expect you to deliver etc. I do realise that many of these would make the game more complex (of course it would be great to be able to delegate some of the things to assman), but I think that SI has to decide whether they are the egg or the chicken. They can't fully please the casual player and the hardcore fans with the same product, because for one of those groups the game is too simple/complex. If SI tries to be in the middle, then both groups are unhappy.
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