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  1. Only the one below. So 7 games ago I added "Roam from position" to my IF and he has since scored 6 goals and provided 2 assists in those games. Now, I don't think this was one the only change that influenced this. I've put a lot of stock into PPM's this save and have really wanted to tailor players around this style.My CM(s) recently added the "Tries killer balls often" and my Mezzala(a) just added runs with balls through center around the same time so I think a combination of all these things have lead to my IF finally being unlocked. He was also just awarded player of the month for
  2. Oh good point, it normally is a Mezzala(A). Was experimenting with the CM(a) for a cup game. Very good point on the AF and IF sharing the same space. Here's the heat maps showing that. On the right is the original tactic and I can definetely see why there is no space for him to attack. On the left is my most recent game where I changed the AF to a DLF(s). My IF didn't get involved in the play as much as I had envisioned , however he was very good at playing the pass before the pass to WB who got 2 assists to my DLF. My IF did bag a goal but it was a set piece so not putting to much stoc
  3. Thanks for your kind words. I guess I should have said it's working, just not quite as I envisioned. I'd really like my IF to get a bit more involved so I might see if a support role gets him in the play a bit more.
  4. Let me preface this all by saying that I am brand new to developing tactics. I've downloaded tactics as far back as FM 2007 but it's now feeling a bit empty without doing any work myself. As the title says, I've stumbled across a working tactic but I don't really understand why. I originally threw this tactic together with no team instructions, just the roles and duties. The two instructions I added were Higher Tempo because I found naturally we were keeping possession really well, over 60% most games. So I wanted us to be a bit quicker with the ball as the possession system won't just
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