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  1. BTW, why is it that when a player comes back from an arm injury, they're tired? Or ingame, they get an arm injury and their condition drops to like 55%???
  2. I just had 10 players out of my 20 man squad injured, 6 of them for 2 months +....this is 8 games into the season. I downloaded an ingame editor and took all the injuries off. I'm not dealing with this crap, it's a game. Mind you, this is the first time it's happened to me. I can completely tolerate not being able to pick 8 players for a couple of weeks but this was just ridiculous.
  3. I posted a very similar thread recently but it kinda got ignored because it was about Bulgarian player awards... either way, this part of the game does not work properly.
  4. ^ Yeah that sounds pretty much like the same issue...I wonder what the formula is to calculate who gets the award? Obviously national team caps don't matter :S
  5. Thanks for the contribution Tom. And no, he doesn't have another nationality. And if he didn't want to play for Bulgaria, why would he be in the running for player of the year?
  6. Addictedness Rating

    On this save I have "sleeping is for sissies" on 8 days
  7. Best skin?

    I use DDs09 (I think that's what it's called?) And have put in my own attribute colours: 0-5:white 6-10:gray 11-15: orange 16-20: red
  8. OK so I'm managing in the Bulgarian league and it comes time to choose Bulgarian player of the year. It's 2011 and Dimitar Makriev won it. He's never been capped for Bulgaria. WTF? He's actually getting quite good ratings though and plays for Valladolid in the Spanish 1st division. Berbatov on the other hand is still an international regular, gets good ratings at United and wasn't even on the shortlist? So, - Why has a regular striker in the Spanish first Division never been capped for Bulgaria? Stats wise he's probably the 2nd or 3rd best there is? - How is he possibly the Bulgarian player of the year when he's not even deemed good enough to play for his country?
  9. hahah you bought Gerrard?
  10. The golden boot is awarded to the player that has scored the most goals in the tournament. Salenko won it along with Hristo Stoichkov. It has nothing to do with being the best player.
  11. Stiliyan Petrov needs an upgrade. One of Villa's best players yet in the game he can't keep a place in the starting 11 and is usually sold for peanuts. Micah Richards had a good quarter of a season 2 years ago and all of a sudden he has massive potential? Please... Nani needs downgrading in his mental stats. Martin Petrov needs an upgrade in his mental stats.
  12. Time to see a little more of FM10?

    I must have missed this "micro and complexity of 09"? What are you referring to exactly?
  13. Man City Transfers`

    yeah he's injured IRL...probably won't be back in full for city 'till next season.