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  1. Pre-game mate
  2. About to start a new game, I'm not an expert on using the editor so what do I need to make sure I do correctly when updating Klopp as Liverpool manager & Hasselbaink as QPR manager etc? Cheers.
  3. Thanks for the help Avista, but I've just had an extended Google search and have found it for £22.50 from the Workington AFC club shop website!
  4. Anyone know where I can buy it cheap? Preferably download?
  5. Update: After starting the season with 3 straight league defeats. We eventually come back to finish 3rd. Missed out on 2nd on Goal Difference. We then coasted through the Semi Final's of the Playoffs by beating Blackburn 7-2 on aggregate. We then lost in the Final to Derby, of all fcuking teams! My star-man & the top goal scorer in the league Admilson, was for some reason called-up to Brazil u20's and ineligible.
  6. I've heard about that squad status rule so I switched Rivaldo from Back-Up to Key Player & Ademilson from Key Player to Hot Prospect but Ademilson still didn't appear on the list. And they've both got National reputations.
  7. I've brought in 40 year-old Rivaldo to tutor him, but for some reason when I click on Rivaldo and click on 'Talk To player>Delopement>Tutoring', it shows me a list of about 10 of my youngsters that he can tutor, but Ademilson isn't on that list.. Can anyone help me? I really want his determination stat to improve!
  8. Ademilson is a Key Player and Rivaldo is a Back-up. They're both National reptuation. I tried making Rivaldo a Key Player to see if that would help but Ademilson still wasn't an option
  9. I want Rivaldo to tutor Ademilson but when I 'talk' to Rivaldo, Ademilson is not on the list of available players that he can tutor.. Why is this?? I'm in Feb 2013 btw
  10. This game is driving me crazy. I keep conceeding loads of goals from corners, throwing away 2-0 leads and conceeding 90th minute goals.
  11. Just signed him for Forest for £5.25M, hope he likes scoring in the Championship!
  12. Just started a game as Nottingham Forest, will he be interested in signing for a club in the Championship you think? Also what's his currently ability (Leading Championship, Decent Premiership etc), I have to ask as I'm not allowed to scout him and my chairman rejected my request to extend the scouting areas!
  13. Great work once again guys! To the guys who created the Nottingham Forest facepack inside the megapack - Do you have the full sized (not cropped) pictures of the Nottingham Forest players that I could have, like last year? I've tried seaching and asking on the SIOSI website but couldn't find it! Thanks.
  14. Finished 3rd placed on 90 points, 4 points away from runners-up West Ham & 5 points away from Champions Leicester. Luckily, just scraped through the playoffs, beating Reading on penalties in the Final! Quintero was AMAZING last season, never had a player that scores so many goals in one season. This guy is a beast! Here are my summer transfers for 2012/13 season, spent loads! Some great players I've signed though, we just played Man Utd off the park and could've won by a few goals, but unfortunately they scored a late equalizer to snatch a point.
  15. What is this corner glitch you speak of? I've been really struggling with corners recently, tried a few things but just can't score from them at all.