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  1. I can add leagues, it's just the rules part. Like next season there will be an eighth league in the Regional Division ones base in the midlands but run by the northern league. How do I add that to work when it's not used this season?
  2. Hi. Sorry to be a pain. I wish to learn how to add divisions lower than national league north/south. I would like to go as far down as possible so I can manager my local team. Is there anywhere here that I could use to teach. All people I ask just say download one someone else has done but when I open it in the editor, I find it confusing so by learning to do it from the very beginning will help me. Thanks in advance.
  3. I want to learn how to do it myself. I've googled it and there appears to be no where that explains how you do it.
  4. Hello everyone. Can someone point me in the direction where I can read and learn about adding unplayable leagues to football manager? I’ve been searching for a couple of months now and have come up with nothing. Thank you all in advance!
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