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  1. Hi @tefal7 can you open a thread in the bugs forum so we can get this looked into please? If you have a save from before you get sacked it would be great to take a look at it as well, thanks.
  2. Thanks @Cap'nRad interesting response. I think there's an important distinction to be made between the perception of "fringe player causing total mutiny" and "your treatment of a fringe player" causing issues. I often read posts such as "why would [big name player] care about my third choice left back asking to leave/wanting first team football? More often than not the big name player has issues with the way you've dealt with a scenario as opposed to the issue the lesser player has raised themselves. The idea being that if you treat a teammate badly then what's to say you wouldn't do the sa
  3. Just a quick response to all this but the aim with Dynamics is to make these things easier to nip in the bud. You have to treat your players like human beings though and remember that them requesting to talk to you isn't necessarily an issue unless you deal with them poorly. There are more options than ever to talk players round and get them to drop their concerns and, with the new Hierarchy panels, the ability to request that other influential players in your squad to have a quiet word with the player as well. The other thing to be aware of is the overall affect of your dressing room atmos
  4. Aspects such as tutoring, asking players to welcome new signings and good playing partnerships (among other things) can increase the like/dislike levels between players which are then reflected in the Social Groups.
  5. Is this a league that allows minimum fee release clauses in general? If not could you report this in the bugs forum so we can take a look please?
  6. The 'Use the club as a stepping stone' pre-transfer promise works by adding in a minimum fee release clause to their contract which is locked in by the agent effectively making it an immediately actioned promise.
  7. Shortlisting will mean that pertinent news (bids made etc) will be forwarded to your inbox as it is of direct consequence to you and your club. Following just means you want to receive news and social content about him (not forwarded to the inbox) for the purposes of gameworld immersion.
  8. It's on the Social Feed now, click 'Manage' in the bottom-right corner of the screen to edit your subscriptions or 'Manage Who You Follow', the search bar to the right of the panel is for following/unfollowing leagues, awards, players, teams etc.
  9. Could you raise this in the bugs forum please? With a save from before the registration deadline if possible, thanks
  10. As always with these sorts of things, whether or not you can talk the player round is a lot more important than them wanting to speak in the first place. In real life managers will have players knocking on their doors all the time asking why they're not playing, the feature is meant to replicate that. If you're finding that when the players ask to chat, the chats themselves are going badly too often then please log it in the bugs forum but the players asking to talk in the first place isn't always a problem. As always, this is a balancing act and we're certainly always looking for examples w
  11. As An Olive Branch says, the chances are that the player will drop the unhappiness when the interested team drop their interest. If not and the unhappiness does progress please report it in the bugs forum. Thanks
  12. Can you report this in the interaction section of the bugs forum please? Ideally I need to know when the initial issue with everyone unhappy at the sale of Powell happened if possible please?
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