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  1. About a fortnight ago, yeah Went to one of the 20th anniversary screenings of the original and it prompted me to rewatch the sequels to give them another shot and I really think they're absolutely fascinating. A lot of it is really poorly executed but they're really audacious IMO. I love the fact that there loads of characters who are literally the human embodiment of day-to-day software programmes (the fight with Seraph being two-factor authentication etc etc) and I love how audacious it is that the culmination of Reloaded is essentially a meta criticism of the very nature of the hero
  2. The sequels are some of the most criminally misunderstood and under-appreciated films of the last 20 years. There is a lot about them that is pretty indefensible but at their core they are completely fascinating and I want to live in a world where films like that are able to exist again.
  3. Shortlisting will mean that pertinent news (bids made etc) will be forwarded to your inbox as it is of direct consequence to you and your club. Following just means you want to receive news and social content about him (not forwarded to the inbox) for the purposes of gameworld immersion.
  4. It's on the Social Feed now, click 'Manage' in the bottom-right corner of the screen to edit your subscriptions or 'Manage Who You Follow', the search bar to the right of the panel is for following/unfollowing leagues, awards, players, teams etc.
  5. Okay, so I know my initial response in this thread a couple of years back was that I couldn't get on with it. Ignore I ever said that, the answer to the thread is yes. This is the best show ever.
  6. What is all stars like in terms of single player career mode/story mode? Is SvR 2011 the best of them so far then?
  7. Hey guys! Which is the best of the WWE games for the PS3? I'm not really interested in needing current rosters or anything just which one has the best gameplay/story mode etc?
  8. covfan - @covfan ham_aka_stam - @darrenham Icelander83 - @Icelander83 solsagooner - @skint_photos Pukey - @lukeyre HD - @iainbartholomew darren1983 - @dazza1889 bridport_pouncer - @jbutler23 Reddiablo - Reddiabl0 Reddiablo - FM2011NL Ryno - @rynaldo78 chase failey - @chasefailey drobbo12- @therobbo3 TigerChris - @ChrisPHull Rb - @robsonbrown DanGLiverpool - @GriffinDaniel JDScott - @jamiedscott batch - @johndanbatch BBB - @office_monkey Steffers - @SamSteff Stu Warren - @jesus_loves_stu Bliss Seeker - @parmasira WCR - @CTRock JayArr - @thejayarr docklanders - @docklande
  9. Haven't seen Intolerable Cruelty or The Ladykillers but they're both meant to be rubbish Big Lebowski > Fargo > A Serious Man > No Country For Old Men > Miller's Crossing = Barton Fink = Burn After Reading > Hudsucker Proxy > Raising Arizona > The Man Who Wasn't There > O Brother Where Art Thou? > Blood Simple All of them are fantastic though.
  10. Big Lebowski would be a very strong contender for my favourite film of all time.
  11. Yea I enjoyed it as well but probably only because it was Larry David, it was pretty average Woody Allen fare aside from his presence. Decent but nowhere near some of his better films.
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