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  1. This is a known issue and is under review, thanks
  2. Hi @Lorenz7 and @Dylanh this issue is under review, thanks for raising it
  3. Sacked 3 times

    Hi @tefal7 can you open a thread in the bugs forum so we can get this looked into please? If you have a save from before you get sacked it would be great to take a look at it as well, thanks.
  4. Unrealistic Interactions With The Players

    Thanks @Cap'nRad interesting response. I think there's an important distinction to be made between the perception of "fringe player causing total mutiny" and "your treatment of a fringe player" causing issues. I often read posts such as "why would [big name player] care about my third choice left back asking to leave/wanting first team football? More often than not the big name player has issues with the way you've dealt with a scenario as opposed to the issue the lesser player has raised themselves. The idea being that if you treat a teammate badly then what's to say you wouldn't do the same to them. Again, issues that run contrary to that should be raised as bugs (eg, a LB complaining that a lesser LB should be given more first team football) Regarding your other paragraphs, obviously, we're striving towards giving users more tailored options that they'd like to see and very much encourage suggestions on how to improve these chats. We're always trying to improve these modules so stuff you've mentioned like asking players to improve in specific areas, whilst already in-game to an extent with preferred move training, tutoring and general training improvements all being things the user can challenge a player to do if they want first team football, would be great suggestions to raise so we can get them under review.
  5. Unrealistic Interactions With The Players

    Just a quick response to all this but the aim with Dynamics is to make these things easier to nip in the bud. You have to treat your players like human beings though and remember that them requesting to talk to you isn't necessarily an issue unless you deal with them poorly. There are more options than ever to talk players round and get them to drop their concerns and, with the new Hierarchy panels, the ability to request that other influential players in your squad to have a quiet word with the player as well. The other thing to be aware of is the overall affect of your dressing room atmosphere on the squad, it is well worth your time trying to cultivate a high Dressing Room Atmosphere score because this will decrease the regularity of player complaints, can improve the frequency at which your captain will successfully talk a player out of an issue and will generally create a more harmonious atmosphere, and in turn, can help results on the pitch. Try to think of your players as people, if a player is in great form, tell them, they will improve their relationship with you and there can only be benefits to having a group of players who respect and like you as a manager. The other, non-happiness interaction options can really help to build a positive relationship with players which will pay off should the player raise a concern about an issue. Obviously, any examples people have of players behaving in a factually incorrect way should be raised as bugs so we can evaluate them.
  6. Broken Promise the next day

    Hi @javier_83 could you upload a save from just before the promise is made if possible please?
  7. Player who talks with new player?

    Hi @sebban91 You can now ask other players to welcome new signings based on a number of factors, it doesn't necessarily need to be a captain, the inbox item suggests a good candidate but you can ask any player in your squad manually
  8. Hi @mchbitil Could you upload a save from before a player complains who you feel shouldn't be please? Please remember that players expect to start the required amount of games for their squad status and that them asking to speak is not necessarily an issue, are you able to talk these players around in the conversations?
  9. Hi @Arsenal71 could you upload a save that you feel is problematic for us to take a look at please?
  10. "Promise being sold"

    Hi @Deathstar can you look on your conversation history panel for these players and let me know specificall what you said to them please?
  11. Thanks a lot for raising the issue, it is now logged internally
  12. Sacked whilst 'untouchable'

    Is anyone still getting sacked in their saves now that the full version has been released?
  13. Can you report this as a bug in the bugs forum please?
  14. Worried about being replaced

    Thanks leereuben, this is a known issue and is under review
  15. Error with "Promises"

    Thanks, can you upload a save from before the promises though please? Details on how to do so are found here: