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  1. Also, future deals would be nice. First option doesn't quie cover it. I mean buying a player for £10,000 and saying you would actually like him to arrive in 2 years time. This way you can see how he progresses and cancel the deal if needed. Didn't Chelsea do this with Alex?
  2. The game to notice if you're watching somebody else's game. Example. You're England manager and go onto Man Utd. fixtures and click to watch the game against West Ham. The game will single out players who weren't in the most recent England squad and make suggestions. What I mean is that it may come up at the beginning of the game saying "England Manager Joe Bloggs is here today. Rumours suggest that he may be be looking at young West Ham captain Nigel Reo-Coker or maybe Philip Bardsley." Then after the match, you might get a media question, asking "You were seen at the Manchester United vs. West Ham game yesterday. A lot of sources have suggested that you were watching Nigel Reo-Coker. Can you confirm this?" and you get the usual options. This could also work with club management. For example, if you are Leeds manager and have Gary McSheffrey on your shortlist when you choose to watch Birmingham vs. Hull, then it will say, "Joe Bloggs of Leeds United is here today. There are strong rumours suggesting that he may be watching Gary McSheffrey." Then the media questions after the game. "Were you impressed with his performance, etc." and you can respond with "Yes, very impressed." or "I wasn't watching Gary McSheffrey. These are just rumours."
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