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  1. I had this problem. Was playing as spurs and Chelsea were in Essex league too, now all teams go into preliminary for fa cup and fa vase. And also I am in about 7 lower league cups. It all running really slow. Is this an issue many others are having?
  2. Palacios and Bentley out, keep Walker, Bale and Bassong
  3. First Match On The New Patch

    Playing as spurs I won the first game 4-0 against Bolton, won the remaining 4 league games of the season climbing from 5th to 2nd and won the F.A cup final too, giving me a domestic cup double in my second season. Yay!!
  4. I've not managed to install and play the new patch yet and am wondering if it's any easier to sell players on the new patch, can any of you guys comment on this please? Cheers
  5. Thanks postman,I'll try that when I get home from work, am itching to get started!! Am already 3 months behind everyone else!
  6. Hi Guy's, I have finally got fm11 and have installed it, but on going to load this editor file I cannot find fm11 under my documents in the sports interactive folder. Fm10 and 09 is in there but not 11? Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  7. Why can't i download the file??
  8. How you getting on with this sb?
  9. Sorry if this has been already asked but will you be able to implement sb's reserve and u18's database into this so they could both work together? This would make for the ultimate game!!
  10. Has anyone deveoped or is anyone using a good part time training schedule?
  11. I am having problems using the tactic files. When I have downloaded them I goto open them and get a message saying windows doesn't know which programme to use to open it. Will I be able to use them if I import them into the game or do I need to do something else? Thanks
  12. ralf little?

    Cool, I hope he doesn't need too much time off for filming! lol
  13. I've managed to sign ralf little for my team (hoddesdon town, after downloading bladesman's editor down to level 10) Just wondering if it's the actor ralf little as I know he is a decent player, anyone got any ideas?