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  1. "I don't believe you could do that penalties thing, short of having every drawn league game go to penalties "just for fun" (with no point difference in winning or losing the shootout, except in the rivalry cups)" Thanks for the info, it was more of a wacky idea I had, wanted to see if it was possible at all. "As for inter-conference games, throwing off the MLS code is notoriously finicky, but if there's a separate group settings for each conference, that's where you'd change which fixtures count (as well as telling it the conference only lasts 15-20 games now) " Yep there are. I'll
  2. Hi, so I'm soing sort of a transplant of Portuguese teams to the MLS, trying to keep rules, drafts and all that jazz, and I wanted to know if there is any way I could have the results only between teams on the same conference count for the specific conference. Most of the file was built through reverse-engineering other people's stuff but i can't find anything like this anywhere. As you can see in the picture I annexed, results between teams on other conferences are being counted towards that specific conference. Is there a way to have only results by teams in the same conference c
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