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  1. Season 6: August-September Results: Our first ever Premier League game was against Villa. It was a tough game which could have gone either way, but in the end Villa edged it, scoring both goals from over 25 yards out. Next up was nearby rivals Manchester United. We got off to a rough start with Burke giving away a penalty which Rashford converted, but a goal just before the break from Cucchi turned the momentum in our favour. Soon after, Harwood-Bellis rose above their defence to score a header against the club he's grown up hating, and our third goal was a beautiful passage of
  2. @Gunner 101Very good start to the season, and two very familiar names joining you. Of course, any player you bring on a free from either Liverpool or City is going to be familiar to me. In my save, Ojrzynski went on to earn 12 PL appearances for Sheffield United with a 6.38 average rating (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that last part ), while Koumetio is still around the club. Anyway, keep it up!
  3. Season 6 - Summer Transfer Window Transfers: And that's it for our summer recruitment/sales. I've highlighted the players that are a part of our main squad, the other signings are for our youth teams or to loan out. You might have noticed a cheeky loan at the bottom. Chelsea were reluctant to extend Renato's loan, but once he got back they realised that he wasn't going to be getting many games in a team with Lautaro Martinez, Romelu Lukaku and Memphis Depay. Anyway, here they are: Cucchi was signed in January but didn't join until this summer. He's more than good eno
  4. Tempting... Problem is I don't know what I'd do with so much money, I've more or less finished my transfer business. I think keeping Menard is more important right now, but I might reconsider if I get a bigger offer...
  5. @Gunner 101 It was a good shout but no, that's not it sadly. It just seems like everyone thinks they'd be a better choice for captain, regardless of who I pick. It's quite amusing to see someone like Menard complaining because he's not captain, and then complaining because he feels he's being put under too much pressure when I do pick him as captain. I can't win here
  6. @Gunner 101 No clue. I've never heard of it happening. Not much I can do about it though, just going to have to deal with it.
  7. I've run into a bit of a problem here. I reached a point where I'm prompted to pick my captain and vice-captain. I picked Harwood-Bellis and Mai, and half my squad lost it, everyone thought they were a better choice. So I thought right, I'd rather not deal with this so I'll reload a recent save I have and pick differently. I've done that, same result. No matter who I pick, this happens. Apparently I can't avoid this. I really don't understand it, the only new player there is Cucchi (23.5m value, wow), so that's not the problem. I don't know, it's never happened before. I think I'm just going
  8. Thanks! I was smiling all afternoon yesterday after achieving it. Now that you mention it, I do have quite a few foreign players around, yeah. And yes, almost all of them joined when we got promoted to the Championship. It's not something I'm doing consciously though. I suppose foreign talent is just cheaper than domestic talent? I think we had a hard brexit too, maybe that's got something to do?
  9. End of Season 5 We've done it! For the first time ever, Stockport County will be playing in the top tier of English football. This has also earned me entry to the list of club legends, just under Liam McAlinden's name (it only took him one season to break in). Transfers: The Italian striker shown previously, Cucchi, was confirmed. Aside from that, the only incoming transfer was another loan from our affiliates Liverpool: Rochel Kalana joined to cover for a few of our injured players and did really well when he played. As for sales, Joao Escoval left for Lokomotiva aft
  10. @Gunner 101That's nice to know. As for myself, I just play FM in bursts: play a couple of seasons, take a break for a few weeks and repeat. I'm really enjoying this save though, I'm not going to be abandoning it anytime soon. As for loans... I know, I lied, I just can't help myself. It's been getting even worse now, Renato's become the league's top scorer and he's also my only fit striker at the moment. I've even looked to extend his loan for another year, but Chelsea aren't having it. I have extended Taylor Harwood-Bellis' loan though (Stockport fan, local lad, team leader and all that..
  11. Season 5: December Update Transfers: I've brought in a few more players since the last update. These are the biggest ones: Renato comes on loan from Chelsea to rotate with Rob Brown and Nabil Touaizi. Touaizi got injured for 6 weeks in late September, and Renato and Brown proved to be a very capable partnership up front in his absence. Technically speaking, he's probably the best striker we've got at the club. There's almost zero chance of him staying on a permanent basis though, which is the main reason he's not a nailed on starter for us, as I'd rather play those who do
  12. Well done and congratulations @Gunner 101! Must admit, I thought you had abandoned the save but I'm glad to see that's not the case. I've actually played a few more months too, I'll post an update in a few minutes.
  13. That's a brilliant month @Gunner 101! As you said, the first couple of games are always the hardest but it seems like you've adapted now. Some of the tougher games are out of the way already, so with a bit of luck this run of form might continue. Good luck!
  14. Cheers! I've only just sold my 2nd choice keeper for 4m, which leaves me with a transfer budget of just over 10m. It could be higher than that, but I've been shoving quite a bit of it into the wage budget instead. It's there to spend if I want to, but at the same time we haven't got many sources of income right now and I'm finding some really good players on a free, so I'd rather just leave it there just in case. It's looking like I'm going to have to spend a bit to bring in some fullbacks though.
  15. End of Season 4 Results: It's been a while, but I'm back with another update. I played most of those matches before I went away and I've already started the next season, so I'm not going to dive into details here. Anyway, we had a really good run of results towards the end of the year which meant that we closed the gap between us and the play-off spots, climbing up to 7th after the game against Birmingham, one point away from the play-off spots. Our main rivals at that point were Forest and Huddersfield. A loss against the former meant that we dropped below them to 8th, though
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