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  1. Not so much useless but a recognised flop. (For Example Bramble, Boumsong, Voronin, Usiles De La Cruz) For a good player i mean someone class like Aguero, Ibra etc _____________________________________ Maybe an ebay style sign up would be better so everyone signs up and gets a team then there is an auction style market where the sign up users have a set amount of say £150 million to build their club with Reputations, Stadiums, Managers, Players, Staff, Investment into the club (as budgets would be seperate to the club as it is your money being spent) Only one person would be able to have a certain item at a time. And the people who sign up can be outbid by other people and sell certain parts of their club to raise funds for another purchase. Obviously Fmrte would be used to do this in game. Auctions would occur at transfer windows and be the only way to sign the players you want. Evil Auctions could start such as Next Opposition's Best Players Energy Drained Etc. It would be like a chairman sign up I suppose but one where you have full control of everything.
  2. Sign up league anyone? - 20 Spaces to replace premiership - £40 Million each - 8500 Reputation - No Manager at each club - Stadiums Are First Come First Serve eg Man Utd have largest so first person gets their stadium etc - 1 Good Player Of Your Choice - 2 Useless Players Of Your Choice - 1 Under 18 Player Of Your Choice (excluding Bojan etc) - 1 Injured Player at the start of the game - 1 African Player of your choice - 1 33yr+ Player of your choice - Created Player with -10 Ability and 1 Stat Of your choice The rest is luck.....
  3. How about a sign up where all the players play for the same team? For example a team from the bss/bsn has been promoted to the Premiership and have 16 16 year old -10 PA players and a healthy bank balance with a medium reputaton and good youth/ training facilities. Aim would be to see who would do well and if the team from the bss/n would do well.
  4. Nope your spot on. Was doing well then Fmfan's save got corrupted.
  5. Most challenges are about youth players how about Golden Oldies sign up Basically each person would be allowed to choose 6 32 and over players for their team and would be randomly assigned youth players to make up the rest of the squad. OR Golden Oldies Fc this team would replace Derby Squad would only have players who are 32 and over in it and the aim would be for the player to win as many cups as possible and to do it only by using old players.
  6. Erm so to have 5 attributes at 20 you must have 5 attributes at 1?
  7. I've had this floating around for a while now not sure how it will be recieved or if its been done before. Basically the top 44 nations in the Fifa ranking are put in the Premiership and Championship along with their squads and coaches. The rules would be to only have players from the country of your team in your squad and the aim is for your club to win all cups and for your nation to win all of the international tournaments. The squads would be chosen from media prediction against fifa rankings. Just an idea could run as sign up or challenge. Tell me if its a rubbish idea or not....
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