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  1. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    So my new Marine Chairman decided I wasn't good enough to continue as manager despite only playing 17 games in the first season. So I have restarted as Cambridge City: Starting Profile
  2. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I'm a little behind everyone else, but here's my starting profile: Starting Profile
  3. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo – FC United – Championship – 2020/2021 What a great season. I got so incredibly lucky it's amazing. In what was probably the most embarrassing class of teams in the Championship, my newly-promoted FC United were able to outclass them all to win the league on goal difference. The best part about it was that my 82 pts would barely get me into the playoffs in every previous season's standings. This is the first time this year that I have been able to get consecutive promotions. It was a great season and I am ecstatic about the promotion, but having just been in League 1, can my team really make enough improvement to stay up in the prem. We'll have to see, but I am extremely nervous. At least I will finally get some money to spend hopefully. League Table League Graph Squad Transfers Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 09/10 BSN 5th Playoffs 10/11 BSN 5th Playoff Winners 11/12 BSP 11th FA Trophy Winners 12/13 BSP 9th Conference League Cup Finalists 13/14 BSP 1st Champions 14/15 L2 6th Playoffs 15/16 L2 2nd Promoted 16/17 L1 15th N/A 17/18 L1 5th Playoffs 18/19 L1 5th JPT Winners 19/20 L1 2nd Promoted 20/21 CH 1st Champions Also, dafuges website isn't allowing me to update my profile. Not quite sure why, but I will try again in a few days.
  4. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo – FC United – League One – 2019/2020 This season was very weird. I finally learned that if I train my players too hard, I will end up with a huge amount of injuries. And not just little injuries but months long injuries. By October 12th, I had 9 injuries, 7 of them with starters, and eight of them lasting a month or longer. Amazingly, my backups were able to hold their own throughout this time, and my team continued to improve throughout the season, eventually ending the season in 2nd and in a promotion spot. Lesson learned though, as I lowered my physical training on all of my players, and slowly my injury list began to disappear. Next season, I'm sure, will be a consolidation of my position in the Championship, but I am quietly optimistic that the depth I showed this season could prove beneficial to having an outside shot at a playoff spot. League Table League Graph Squad Transfers Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 09/10 BSN 5th Playoffs 10/11 BSN 5th Playoff Winners 11/12 BSP 11th FA Trophy Winners 12/13 BSP 9th Conference League Cup Finalists 13/14 BSP 1st Champions 14/15 L2 6th Playoffs 15/16 L2 2nd Promoted 16/17 L1 15th N/A 17/18 L1 5th Playoffs 18/19 L1 5th JPT Winners 19/20 L1 2nd Promoted
  5. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo – FC United – League One – 2018/2019 This was a season that I hoped to improve upon the previous year's 5th place finish and hoped to get promoted. And after a horrific start to the season, it was the same old thing. Another 5th place appearance, another lost in the playoff Semis. Still, the season was not a total lost. We were able to win the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. That adds to cabinet as we had won the FA Trophy a few years back. Here's hoping next year we finally get the promotion that the team deserves. Table League Graph Transfers
  6. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo – FC United – League 1 – 2017/2018 This was my first season in League 1. We got off to a slow start but recovered. It was always going to be a season hovering around the playoff spots. The team never really had the quality or consistency to challenge for a league title or an automatic promotion spot. My team did not do well in any of the cups going out in the first few rounds in each. I thought we might get lucky and sneak promotion through the playoffs, but we never got going and eventually succumbed to eventual playoff winners Millwall. A 5th place finish was still an excellent start to League 1 and hopefully the next season will end in promotion. League Table League Graph Squad Transfers
  7. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo - 2016/2017 - FC United - League 1 This was a solid if uneventful first seasonin League 1. We started strong in mid table and our star striker (just signed), Danny Nixon, started strong and had 15 goals by mid December. That got us to the cusp of a playoff spot as you can tell by the league graph. Then he got injured and was off and on injured the rest of the season. He only scored 3 more goals in the league all year and they were all in the same game. That's why we slowly dropped back down to 15th and stuck solidly into the mid table. The cups were pretty uneventful but the more important thing was surviving this season. Goals for next year: Find another striker or two to make sure an injury to Nixon doesn't prevent us from making a playoff run. Find a Goalkeeper. I say this everytime a post a season review. Every year I have a horrible time trying to upgrade my keeper. The ones that are better than mine don't want to come here, and my AM says he is only a leading League 2 player. It will suck next year if the rest of the squad is ready for the step up, and my gk holds me back League Table League Graph Squad Transfers
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo - 2015/2016 - FC United - League 2 After last season's collapse from an automatic promotion to a playoff spot and the subsequent playoff final drubbing, I had high hopes that with a few additional players we could easily gain automatic promotion at the very least. My mistake was believing that it would be that easy. The season started out worse than slow. We could not get out of relegation spots. Our low point was being stuck in 22nd through 16 games. Before that, after about 7 or 8 games of nothing happening, I started to tinker with the formation and tactics until I could get something that worked. After 16 games it happened. We started to climb the table and made it all the way into 2nd having to win the final game, and scoring the winning goal in 90+6 as posted on page 53. The cups were dud. We couldn't win anything in the league in the beginning, so the cups were no different. Check out the ridiculous league graph. Absolutely nuts. League Graph League Table Squad Transfers
  9. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    PROMOTION TO LEAGUE 1!!!!!!!! On the final day we had to win. And we fought back winning in 90+6: Overview Table I'll post my season review a little later. Phew what a game.
  10. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo - 2014/2015 - FC United - League 2 One word can describe this season heartbreak. One 5 game stretch can describe this season: LLXLL. As my league graph will show you, I was in 1st or 2nd for most of the season. And then a 5 game stretch with 10 games to go killed me. 2 of those loses were against 3rd and 4th place. I dropped out of the promotion spots and all the way down to 6th. I went into the playoffs in the worst form possible and the semis were against the highest scoring team this season. I was not optimistic, but I pulled 2 goals back on the road in the 1st league to only lose 3-2 after being down 3-0 at halftime. Then in the second leg at home, I scored a late goal to win 2-1. Or at least I thought. I didn't realize that away goals didn't come into play. At least not yet. They already were down to 10 men at this point, so I felt for sure that I could pull this out in extra time, right? 10 minutes in I somehow give up a goal and now I am down 5-4 agg. Then, with the last kick of extra time, my star striker gets pulled down in the box. GOAL!!! Penalties are the scariest thing sometimes in this game (Walsall went first): Walsall: OXXOO X O X FC United:OOOXX X O O Phew. Made it through. Scared me as my 3rd miss in a row hit the post (all I needed was 1 to go in). I felt like John Terry was haunting to me (Couldn't help it ). Anyways the Finals were not as exciting as I got whipped 3-0 by Port Vale. I didn't have much hopes considering I lost to them in both games during the season scoring 0 and giving up 4. After all that, objectively this was a positive season since it was my first season up and I was predicted to be relegated, but to fall apart at the end as my team did. Just devastating. League Table League Graph Squad Transfers Playoff Semi-Final
  11. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo - FC United - Blue Square Premier - 2013/2014 This season started a little better than previous ones. At least this year we hung around the playoffs for most of the year. But then a crazy thing happened. All of a sudden my team started to actually play and we started to make a run. Ultimately it came down to the final couple of games and we finished by winning 4 straight. We were ahead by 2 pts going into our final game away to Dag & Red and needing a win since our GD wasn't good enough to win the league with a draw. We came out firing and won 4-1 to win the League. League football here we come. Finally!!! There's not much to say about the cups. We won in the first game of each cup before losing in the second or third. I think it ultimately helped our team to not be deep into any of the cups. The crazy thing that happened was Welling buying our backup left winger for 250k. I kept rejecting their bids of 20k and 30k. Then I checked to and saw that they were bought by a tycoon recently. So I offered him for 250k and they accepted. That's going to help our finances tremendously as we are now around 500k and the board said they will upgrade the training facilities. For next season I hope to obvious survive just like everyone else, but I really feel that I could possibly get a little luck and maybe pull off back-to-back promotions. We'll just have to see how much of a step up it is. I think offensively my team will be fine. It's basically dependent on getting a new GK. Seems I ask for that every offseason. League Table League Graph Squad Transfers
  12. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Devrin Leteo - FC United - Blue Square Premier - 2012/2013 This season was spent in mediocrity again. It was win one lose one draw one all year long. I really have some tinkering to do this offseason to figure out how to get the team to play with a little more consistency so that we can make it into the playoffs. I really feel that I have the team capable. The positives this season were the cups. We upset League 1 eventual winners Oldham on the road in the 1st round of the FA cup before losing in round 2 on a replay at League 2 Accrington. We also made it to the Conference League Cup final before losing and the FA Trophy Semis. That may have been the problem with our league form. Too many cup games. We ended up playing 63 games this season. That is insane. For next year our goal is to get a solid keeper, and finally find the form needed to gain promotion. Every time I play in the lower leagues the BSP gives me the hardest challenge. I have no idea why. Table Squad Transfers Oldham Upset
  13. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    That sucks. I always wondered if staff wages affected the wage bill and it looks like they don't, but yet are taken into account. Really confusing.
  14. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    And assuming they win, you have to win, they will have GD on ya. gl. Either way you have the premiership next. That's a positive.
  15. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    I'm still stuck at work. Keep updating. I want to see if you can pull out the victory. Or at the very least promotion. gl