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  1. Hi, i would like to suggest two additions to future games of FM, which would consist of: Tactical shape, for example: imagine that a trainer plays with a back 3 without wingbacks, if the cpu attacks then if you have a DM or even the CM you could tell him to drop and form a back 4 or say you do have wingbacks, you would tell them to form a line of 5 defenders, the same could be said about when we are attacking we could define how many players we want to attack and what tactical shape to take on the moment we are doing so. My other suggestion is about set pieces training, like sometimes we choose how to defend and attack set pieces but we can only see the end product at games, i think it would be very interesting to see the training sessions that are based on set pieces that way we could prepare our teams better on that aspect of the game. Those were my two suggestions, hope to get a feedback from others on what they think about them. ✌️
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