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  1. July 21st was the last communication from SI regarding this issue "just ignore them, hopefully they will go away....."
  2. Aside from the undeniable fact SI has released game that doesn’t work properly, the sudden radio silence from them as to what’s happening is incredibly bad customer service... they are still selling game on Stadia even though it’s broken, feel sorry for customers parting with best part of £40 that will happily play for 3 months or so before game just stops working... poor show
  3. I contacted Stadia support yesterday morning through their chat function and they confirmed refund by end of the day. I provided a link to this forum, so perhaps that did the trick.
  4. @Ben Allingham I’ve been playing game on Stadia since May with no problems until this week. My game now won’t save or load (4th season, won’t get past 1st Jan) I'm so gutted. I’m only a casual gamer who can spare an hour here and there. I’ve put so much time into this save and now can’t access it? Im not a techie so don’t really understand half the stuff people are suggesting about uploading files and saving in different ways. I just want to play the game in a normal manner? How can game be released if it doesn’t work properly? My other games work OK so why can’t FM??
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