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  1. It's an own goal, period. The way he 'scored' an own goal is totally irrelevant
  2. In these kind of sport games, the GM AI is much more important than the game (tactics) AI. I have seen all kinds of stuff happen during a season with all kind of crazy tranfers that can make a lousy second division team win the PL during the span of three years. Fun but hardly realistic so this game wiil be harder for you only if you refrain yourself and don't abuse the moronic GM AI
  3. You have played this game toot much, leave it alone for a couple of years and then come back
  4. Thank you. Anyway do you agree or it is just my PC?
  5. I find the fonts used in this year game very hard to read, is there a mod (or any other way) to change them? Thanks, Gerry
  6. I have the same problem but couldn't find the file in the directory. Any suggestions? Thanks, Gerry
  7. It's is not dead but sure looks like a zombie
  8. If there wasn't a foul by your striker, this is clearly a bug
  9. No offside, there was a foul by another player
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