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  1. Damn thanks a lot. I actually created all the media sources from scratch to avoid this very issue but since "anytime" it's the default setting when creating one i never bothered to change it again.
  2. Hello friends, I am creating a custom Database for Cyprus, I have been for a few years now. This year i thought it would be cool if i actually added the real media outlets of Cyprus with the real journalists to attend the press conference and publish news/interviews etc. I have created 8 new media sources in the editor and approx. 15 journalists that i have assigned to those media sources. The problem i have is that no matter the settings i set (and i tried a lot) i see almost no attendance in the press conferences and literarily no news posted from these sources. Instead i have a couple of Fake created sources and they are the only ones that ever post news and articles about transfer rumours etc. I made sure to tick the attands press conference option and set the period to anytime. I am attaching some screenshots so you can get some idea of my settings as well as an ingame screenshot of 0 news by said media from August till December. Any help would be appreciated
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