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  1. Well mine doesn't... Mine classes it as the assistant has taken control of the match 100% how else would he have gotten a manager of the month award as my assistant?
  2. Hi all. Just signed up to the fm forum hoping someone had done this thread! In my 3rd season with Macclesfield and I am getting a bit bored. Going to give no signings and just using kids a go now! I've found that Kristjaan Speakman has done wonders with poor youth facilities. Even though I've creamed in a bit of cash the club has still only let me upgrade the youth facilities once and they are still only compatible to the facilities to that of a child's nursery. Has anyone struggled in the early days using kids or always do well?
  3. I had that after I had paid for it. So infuriating. I think the lesson I've taken is that only use it when the club could realistically afford it and its just the chairman being a *****.
  4. Yeah that's normal. It classes your assistant as manager on instant matches. It's like when I've had a month with only instant and we've got a manager of the month award and it states my assistant.
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