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  1. Player attribute colours I was trying to use was light blue, green, gold and white. Red for winter ball and green for players loaned out. I never had this kind of problem previously on my old MacBook or on the new MacBook using those colours prior to the problem I encountered. it was strange and frustrating, but all is good I guess.
  2. Yes. It occurs with the default skin as well. - when adding face packs using default skin, it causes the same blank purple screen. - no face packs but only attribute colour changes reloads fine but once I quit out of the game and try to launch the game again, the game crashes after the si logo appears. Not sure what to do, so I just reinstalled the game on Windows using bootcamp. So far it seems to work fine on Windows. Thanks any way.
  3. Hi i have been having problems with the game. Every time I go into preferences to change the attributes colours, screen size or to add graphics, I end up getting a blank purple screen and is unable to do anything (see attachment). So after I quit the game and try to restart it, the game then wouldnt even launch. After I move the Football Manager folder to the desktop (so theres nothing in the Sports Interactive folder) the game would lanuch as vanilla mode. But the problem would arise again when I try to make changes and reload skin in the preferences. I've done pretty much eve
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